Learn advanced ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and React by building a custom e-learning platform from empty folder to production in this self-paced, online, Masterclass

  • Learn each of these technologies and how to build a production app that fits them together.

    How The Course Works

    Learnify is a self-paced, online Masterclass, where you will master ASP.NET CORE and React by building a practical, real-world application from scratch.


    Take the course anywhere


    Take the course anytime


    Learn in a cohesive fashion


    Learn with other students

    Everything you need to build a real SaaS application

    Learnify goes beyond other courses by covering every detail required to build a real, production-ready, application with ASP.NET Core and React.

    By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    1. Know how and why to use the Repository and Specification pattern.
    2. Understand design patterns in .NET Core.
    3. Use ASP.NET Identity for login and registration.
    4. Utilize React Router for routing.
    5. Centralize state in React using Redux toolkit.
    6. Integrate Automapper to shape data in ASP.NET Core.
    7. Use Axios to make API calls in React.
    8. Build a custom, visually appealing UI (without an external library).
    9. Set up Sass in React.
    10. Add Course Rating, Page, Sort, Search and Filter features.
    11. Use Redis as in-memory database to store cart items.
    12. Accept payments via Stripe using the new EU standards for 3D secure.
    13. Deploy ASP.Net projects to Heroku.

    Our students work at

    👋 Hey there, I’m Chirag Kalra, the author of this course.

    I’m a senior engineer at EPAM Anywhere and love being a lifelong learner. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, English, Hindi and a little German and Dutch. I specialize in making corporate tools that reduce a team's time & effort!

    I have come across countless tutorials that focus on how to create an e-commerce or blogging application, but I could not find any that teach how to build a complete e-learning app and all of the elements that really go into it. Like how to create an incredible UI for customers, fetch and store course data and user credentials, conduct payment transactions, and then allow customers to utilize their digital purchase, and more.

    I created Learnify for developers who want to become fullstack developers. In this Masterclass, learn how to create a fullstack app from scratch and how to break down and manage frontend and backend work like an industry veteran.

    What You'll Build

    In this course, we’ll go step-by-step creating a complete, production grade e-learning platform for selling online courses.

    Try the completed app demo

    Create a Homepage

    We’ll cover and implement the design properties, plus set up an API to fetch them from the database to display on our app homepage. We’ll create a navigation bar, implement search and login features, add filtering, sorting and pagination too.

    Add Course Description Page

    We’ll create a course description page which will have some more information about the course such as learnings, requirements, description, number of students, level, language etc.

    Build a Shopping Cart

    With Redux Toolkit, we’ll learn how to store course details, and user's details including the courses in their cart. When a user clicks on the cart icon, they'll be redirected to the basket page.

    Create a Login

    We will use Identity framework which will take care of all the requirements for user registration and login, such as verifying the email or storing user credentials in the database. We will then work on our frontend to take user's credentials.

    Accept Payments with Stripe

    With Stripe integration - we just need to provide payment card details and click on 'Make Payment'. Once the payment is successful, users will be able to see purchased courses in their account.

    Utilize YouTube's embedded Player

    We will start by seeding some sample course data which will be displayed to the users. Later on, we will design our backend to accept course sections and lectures from our client. For video player, we are going to use YouTube's embedded player.

    Adding Additional Features

    Allow a user to become an instructor and create a course of their own. We will create one page for basic course details and another one for creating sections and lectures. We will give an option to publish and display the title for all customers to purchase.

    Course Content

    16 modules150 lessons20h 43m total
    Module 1


    4 Lessons 16 Minutes

    Module 2

    Preparing Our Server

    13 Lessons1 Hours 16 Minutes

    Module 3

    Setting up our client

    15 Lessons1 Hours 47 Minutes

    Module 4

    Using Repository pattern

    10 Lessons1 Hours 17 Minutes

    Module 5

    Generic Repository pattern

    7 Lessons 44 Minutes

    Module 6

    Error Handling

    5 Lessons 35 Minutes

    Module 7

    Sorting, Filtering, Pagination

    6 Lessons 41 Minutes

    Module 8

    Creating Pages in the frontend

    6 Lessons1 Hours 2 Minutes

    Module 9

    Adding Basket Feature

    12 Lessons1 Hours 44 Minutes

    Module 10

    State management with Redux

    15 Lessons1 Hours 59 Minutes

    Module 11


    17 Lessons2 Hours 24 Minutes

    Module 12


    12 Lessons1 Hours 43 Minutes

    Module 13

    Displaying Video Lectures

    6 Lessons1 Hours 16 Minutes

    Module 14

    Creating Courses

    6 Lessons1 Hours 51 Minutes

    Module 15

    Updating project to dotnet 6

    2 Lessons 14 Minutes

    Module 16

    Deploying to Heroku

    5 Lessons 40 Minutes

    Module 17

    Bonus Module - Getting started with Typescript

    9 Lessons1 Hours 8 Minutes

    Learnify vs. Other Courses

    Learnify can help you save time, money, and frustration vs. going with other courses.

    Other Courses


    Build a production-ready appAnother todo list


    Covers all of the details including structure, organization, tooling, and deployment.Leaves you wanting more, wondering how to build a "real" application.


    Build one unified application in-depth.A bunch of different tutorials that don't fit together.


    Support from classmates and teachers in our Discord community.On your own

    Code Examples

    Complete, downloadable, organized code files for each lessonSpotty, questionable code examples.

    Time Commitment

    20 hours of video with clear, step by step instructions.Without a linear path you can waste months and get nowhere.


    Satisfaction guaranteed - refund at any time.Stingy refund policies, if any.
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    • newline satisfaction guarantee


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    Everything in the Pro plan and...

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    Questions you might have

    Here are answers to some common questions

    We assume you know have beginner level development experience with JavaScript and C# and a very basic understanding of React. With that said, we spend as much time as we can to ensure that we introduce and explain all the technologies we intend to use before we use them. The course does not teach you how to program from scratch. We delve into intermediate/advanced code.

    You will be given access to the full course material right away in your newline account library. You can login to download the code from the Masterclass Welcome Page and begin watching the videos immediately.

    When joining the course, you'll be invited to our community Discord where you can chat with fellow students.

    If you're unhappy with the course for any reason, just reach out to us and we'll give you a full refund. There's no risk.

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