Our Books

Fullstack React with TypeScript
Learn Pro Patterns for Hooks, Testing, Redux, SSR, and GraphQL
Fullstack D3 and Data Visualization
The Complete Guide to Developing Data Visualizations with D3
Fullstack Vue
The Complete Guide to Vue.js
Fullstack Web Components
The Complete Guide to Building UI Libraries with Web Components
Fullstack Node.js
The Complete Guide to Building Production Apps with Node.js
Fullstack React
The Complete Guide to ReactJS and Friends
The Complete Book on Angular
Security from Zero
Practical Security for Busy People
Fullstack Rust
The Complete Guide to Building Apps with Rust
How to Become a Web Developer: A Field Guide
A Field Guide to Your New Career
Beginners Guide to TypeScript
The Beginner's Guide to Developing with TypeScript
Fullstack React Native
The Complete Guide to React Native
Fullstack GraphQL
The Complete Guide to Writing GraphQL Servers and Clients with TypeScript
React from Zero
A gentle introduction to React, using the JavaScript you already know
JavaScript Algorithms
Learn Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript
Modern AngularJS 1.x
Write maintainable, understandable, organized AngularJS code, without rewriting your app

Our Courses

The newline Guide to Fullstack ASP.NET Core and React
Storybook for React Apps
Fullstack React with TypeScript Masterclass
Build and deploy a REST API with Deno
The newline Guide to NFCs with React Native
The newline Guide to React Component Design Systems with Figmagic
The newline Guide to Full Stack Comments with Hasura and React
Building React Native Apps for Mac
Serverless Django with Zappa
The newline Guide to Building a Company Component Library
Beginner's Guide to Real World React
Building Advanced Admin Reporting in React
The newline Guide to Bash Scripting
Reliable Webservers with Go
Tinycanva: Clojure for React Developers
Fullstack Svelte
Fullstack Flask: Build a Complete SaaS App with Flask
TinyHouse: A Fullstack React Masterclass with TypeScript and GraphQL
Fullstack D3 Masterclass
Create a Serverless Slackbot with AWS Lambda and Python
The newline Guide to Angular Universal
The newline Guide to Building Your First GraphQL Server with Node and TypeScript
newline's Introduction to Privacy on Ethereum
Creating an ERC20 Token on Ethereum
Intro to Programming Ethereum ĐApps
Million Ether Homepage
Creating React Libraries from Scratch
Composing Layouts in React
Creating a React Native Login
Build a Spotify Connected App
Practical Abstract Syntax Trees
The newline Guide to React Native for JavaScript Developers using TypeScript
The newline Guide to Modernizing an Enterprise React App
The newline Guide to Creating a React Hooks Library

Thirty Days Series

30 Days of React Native
30 Days of React
Your First 30 Days of Web Development
30 Days of Vue

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