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Ethereum Smart Contracts and Distributed Apps

Our courses teach web developers how to build cryptocurrency-based distributed apps, using technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It's not about trading. It's not about price. It's about the technical details on how to build Web 3.0 apps.

\newline is designed to teach the full stack of building decentralized apps - from empty folder to the blockchain.

Intro to Programming Ethereum ĐApps

A free course on learning the basics of programming distributed apps with Ethereum, Solidity, and Web3

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Cryptocurrency has a seemingly endless list of new vocabulary and concepts. However, many of these ideas are analagous

Our free email course helps web developers like you find your bearings in this new space.

By the end of this course, you'll understand better why cryptocurrency is worth your time, how it's going to change how the internet works, and how to leverage the skills you already have into this new space.

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Programming Ethereum Dapp Fundamentals for Web Developers.

Million Ether Homepage

In this course, we’ll build a DApp inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage. We’ll build a 1 million pixel page, and each pixel can be colored by placing the highest bid

\getting started

Hacked Smart Contracts

Millions of dollars worth of Eth have been stolen from smart contracts that launched with vulnerabilities. In this course, we’ll take a close, technical look at the bugs and how we can prevent them from happening to us.

\the dao

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