Understand the Confusing Parts of JavaScript

Become a confident JavaScript pro by unraveling the most challenging aspects of the language. With easy-to-understand explanations and code examples, you’ll gain a deeper and solid understanding of JavaScript's most complex features.

  • Understand Aspects of JavaScript that Most Don’t

    With the continued popularity of JavaScript frontend frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular, having a solid understanding of the most complicated features of JavaScript is more important than ever. And with JavaScript being a dynamically typed language, it has some unique quirks. Some of its core features can be confusing or hard to understand, for beginners and intermediate developers alike.

    After answering thousands of questions from hundreds of JavaScript developers, Advanced JavaScript Unleashed book author, Yousaf Khan, realized that the same few topics kept coming up over and over. These question were alway realted to the fundamental aspects of JavaScript that developers were missing! And no other resource was sifficiently providing an in-depth explanation.

    This book "Advanced JavaScript Unleashed" aims to make it attainable for anyone to develop a deeper understanding of JavaScript by providing easy-to-understand explanations of all the important and hard-to-understand topics that keep many devs stagnant, producing bugs and unmaintainable code.

    Advanced JavaScript Unleashed aims to make it attainable for anyone to develop a deeper understanding of the JavaScript language by providing clear and concise explanations of core topics. The book will cover closures, coercion, asynchronous nature of Javascript, hoisting, and event loop. But also dive into advanced topics like promises, async-await, and more.

    With multiple popular frontend JavaScript frameworks in use today (React, Vue, and Angular,) having a solid understanding of JavaScript makes it easy to learn and work with these frameworks.The carefully curated knowledge presented in this book will help you develop a solid understanding of the JavaScript language, and in turn will make it easy for you to work with different JavaScript frameworks.

    What's in the book

    Advanced JavaScript Unleashed is for beginner and intermediate developers alike, who want to elevate their JavaScript skills and become senior engineers by gaining a deeper understanding of the core topics of the language.

    1How new features are added to JavaScript
    2What are prototypes and how prototypal inheritance works
    3What is hoisting?
    4Deep dive into coercion
    5How closures work in JavaScript
    6How “this” keyword works
    7How asynchronous JavaScript works (event loops, promises, etc.)
    8What are iterators and generators?
    9How to debug JavaScript code
    10What are symbols and why are they needed?

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    👋 Hey there! I'm Yousaf, the author of this book

    I am a full-stack software engineer with 4 years of professional experience working both in-house and as a freelancer. Using JavaScript for the frontend in both cases has forced me to spend hours upon hours trying to learn and deeply understand the harder and more confusing parts of the language that I’m sharing in this book.

    I am passionate about developing a deeper understanding of JavaScript and hope to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years with others to help them develop a solid understanding of the core JavaScript topics that are often misunderstood or are not understood well enough.

    I’ve answered hundreds of questions regarding JavaScript and know the topics that are mostly misunderstood by many, especially beginners. I hope that this book can help you fill the gaps in your understanding of JavaScript, in a faster and easier way than I did.

    Table of Contents

    • What is JavaScript1
    • Course Overview 
    • History of JavaScript 
    • JavaScript vs Java 
    • How is it evolved? 
    • How to track upcoming features? 
    • How is ECMAScript versioned? 
    • Is it interpreted or compiled? 
    • How is it executed? 
    • Execution Context 
    • Callstack 
    • Memory 
    • Hoisting2
    • What is hoisting? 
    • Misconception about hoisting 
    • Scope3
    • What is scope? 
    • Global scope 
    • Function scope 
    • Block scope 
    • Module scope 
    • Scope chain 
    • Coercion4
    • What is coercion? 
    • Deeper look at coercion 
    • Abstract operations 
    • Abstract equality operator 
    • Addition operator 
    • Relational operators 
    • Coercion exercise 
    • Closures5
    • What is a closure? 
    • Misconception about closures 
    • Closures inside loops 
    • Data hiding using closures 
    • Prototypes6
    • What is prototypal inheritance? 
    • Prototype chain 
    • __proto__ property 
    • Custom prototypes 
    • ES6 classes and prototypes 
    • 'this' keyword7
    • What is this? 
    • Arrow functions and "this" 
    • Explicitly binding "this" 
    • globalThis 
    • Summarizing "this" 
    • Symbol8
    • What is a symbol? 
    • Why symbols? 
    • Symbols and privacy 
    • Global symbols 
    • Well-known symbols 
    • Asynchronous JavaScript9
    • Overview 
    • Callbacks 
    • Event loop 
    • Promise 
    • Promise chaining 
    • Use cases for static Promise methods 
    • async await 
    • Microtasks 
    • Promise anti-patterns 
    • Iterators and Generators10
    • Iterators 
    • Generators 
    • Asynchronous iterators 
    • Asynchronous generators 
    • Debugging JavaScript11
    • Debugging 
    • Debugger statement 
    • Breakpoints in browser 
    • VS Code debugger 
    • Wrap up12
    • Conclusion 

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    I'm wondering...

    Should I have some knowledge of JavaScript before I read this book?

    Yes, basic knowledge of JavaScript is assumed. This is not a book that teaches you to write JavaScript from the scratch. Instead, this book aims to develop a solid understanding of the core, often misunderstood, JavaScript topics and help you elevate your JavaScript skills.

    What version of JavaScript is covered in the book?

    The contents of this book are not dependent on any particular JavaScript version. This book covers JavaScript topics that have been there from the start. Additionally, this book also covers some of the latest JavaScript additions that are crucial to understanding and working with JavaScript.

    How will reading this book help me professionally?

    This book aims to fill the gaps in your understanding of JavaScript. Topics covered in this book are crucial to understand for any professional JavaScript developer that wants to take the next step towards becoming a senior engineer.

    Do I have to read this book from start to end in order?

    Although it is recommended to read it from the start till the end in order, you should be able to read most of the book in any order you want and refer to any previous module if required.

    What if I don’t like the book?

    If you're unhappy with the book for any reason, just reach out to us within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund. No risk involved.

    Are there free updates?

    Yes! You’ll have access to any updates released within a year of purchase.