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The Fullstack Node.js book is the complete guide to building fast, production-ready Node.js apps

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What's in the book

Fullstack Node.js contains everything you need to learn to create fast, production Node.js code. Including:

1How to create high-performance API servers in Node
2How to leverage Node's async capabilities for maximum performance
3Community conventions for organize Node.js code
4Storing data in a database and exposing it via an API
5When Node.js is the best choice (and when it's not)
6How to accept huge file uploads
7How to implement authentication for users and protected routes
8How to deploy your app for the world to use
9How to create command-line interfaces and tools
10How to test Node.js Applications

Fullstack Node.js vs. On your own

As you can see below, Fullstack Node.js will help you be more productive, save money, and have more confidence than learning on your own.

Fullstack Node.js

On your own


$99 $79Effectively $2,000+, considering the value/hour of wasting 40+ hours digging through blogs

Time Saving

Master Node.js in a couple of weekends with a linear, practical approach.Spend several months patching together random blog posts


Written by industry veteran David Guttman and personally edited by newline founder Nate Murray.Often written by inexperienced Jr. developers who write simplistic posts (that rank well in Google anyway).

The Code Works

All code is guaranteed to workFrustrating hit-or-miss of outdated code (or code that's simply wrong)


We teach Node.js customs and best practices.Write shallow, inexperienced blog posts that might not work or solve your problem.
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The author of the book is David Guttman. Here's what you should know about David:

...and he's built production Node servers that handle 10 billion+ requests per day

In Fullstack Node.js, David shares with you his code structure, practices, and styles so that you can build your own high-performance Node.js servers.


Table of Contents

  • Your First Node.js API1
  • Hello Node.js 
  • When Node.js May Not Be the Best Choice 
  • Your First Node.js API 
  • Mastering Async in Node.js2
  • Callbacks vs. Promises 
  • Using Async and Await 
  • Event Emitters and Streams 
  • Creating a Complete Node.js Server3
  • Modularizing Node Code 
  • Filtering with Query Parameters 
  • Using POST, PUT, and DELETE 
  • Persisting and Storing Data in Node.js4
  • Using a Database 
  • Model Relationships 
  • Handling File Uploads 
  • Users and Authentication5
  • Private Endpoints 
  • Authentication with Passport 
  • JWT Tokens and Authorization 
  • Deploying a Node.js App6
  • Production Considerations 
  • Health checks, logging, and security 
  • Using a Platform as a Service 
  • Building Command Line (CLI) Apps7
  • Building a CLI with yargs 
  • Rich CLI Login Flows 
  • Building a CLI for our Server 
  • Testing Node.js Apps8
  • Testing Frameworks 
  • Unit vs. E2E Tests 
  • Writing Robust Tests 

What People Are Saying...

This is a nice book with detailed examples and explanations of working principles of Node. I now have a better understanding of how Node.js works and how to handle asynchronous actions in a Node.js server.

Elisha Bello
Student at Jigawa State Polytechnic

Fullstack Node.js is really amazing and gave me a solid foundation on Node. Thanks so much for this great book.

Rustan Jhi

I immediately got sucked in and read the whole first chapter straight through. It started with a hello world app and finished with an express chat app. Very well written and easy to understand.

Bruce Martin
Owner at MartinApps

This book helped me understand more of the tools that Node offers, which I didn't know much about before, such as streams. I found some of the code samples challenging, but I like that!

Steven Kitzes
Application Software Developer at Centene Corporation

Fullstack Node.js was helpful to not stay in the paradigm I already knew but to look how others do the job. Good section about streams!

Maximilian Madl
Managing Director at Diagonal.Software GmbH

Many of the npm modules introduced in the CLI and Testing chapters were new to me. Specifically, the CLI Chapter included a lot of handy modules. I will be referencing the Async, CLI and Testing chapters for my projects.

Brandon Bird
Senior Programmer at MoneyMinder

Coming from Ruby, I like to try different languages and frameworks to expand my general knowledge in development. I found the coverage of MapAsync especially helpful! More precisely the fact that promises are really better than callbacks thanks to Promise.all. Keep up the good work!

Thomas Battiston
Backend Software Engineer at Swile (ex Lunchr)

This book was excellent for helping me implement NodeJS apps. Sometimes it is difficult to organize ideas and know where to start, the book focuses the reader to follow the correct steps with NodeJS.

Yair Carreno
Enterprise and Mobile Solutions Architect at Pragma Company

This book has given me a lot of invaluable knowledge about server-side development, even after having gone through many other resources before. Thank you for this book.

Zheng Lai
JavaScript Developer

Thanks in a big part to your book, I got a job offer after being laid off. The chapter on authentication was a huge help to implement my own Node server for a test they sent as a part of the interview process. This book has been a really good investment and a really good read!

José Pablo Ortiz Lack
Full Stack Software Engineer at Pack&Pack

This book is a good introduction to writing Node.js server apps. It is very helpful. Each chapter is filled with useful knowledge, like all newline books.

Vladimir Bystrov
Chief Software Engineer at EPAM Systems

This book is well organized and well written with clarity of thought that is refreshing. 100% recommend for newcomers who want to understand and learn Node.js

Arkadiusz Chrobak

Thanks to Fullstack Node.js I am beginning to understand Async/Await. Chapter 2, Async and Node, was my favorite so far.

Siva Ravindra Kakarla
Information Technolology Consultant at MARGADARSI CHIT FUND PRIVATE LIMITED

I enjoyed Fullstack Node.js. Topics covered in the Deployment and CLI chapters were helpful, as they are rarely covered in other resources. I'll embed quite a few techniques and suggestions in my own projects.

Panos Angel
Software Developer

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I'm wondering...

What happens after I buy the book?

You'll be able to download the book and source code after checkout. You'll also receive an email from Gumroad giving you instructions on how to download it at any time.

How long is the book?

The book has 8 chapters totaling about 320+ pages.

Is the book complete?

Yes. The book is complete, though we still will make updates and occasionally add content.

Do I have to know JavaScript?

Yes, we assume you know the basics of programming in JavaScript. However, you don't have to be a JavaScript expert - we walk through every line of code.

Are there free updates?

Yes! Buying now entitles you to free updates for at least one year after purchase

How do I download the book and updates?

If you've purchased the book, you can download it from your Gumroad library.

How up to date is the book?

The book is up to date with the latest version of Node

What format is the book?

The book is in PDF, Epub, and Mobi format. It also comes with a large folder of example code

What if I don't like it?

If you're unhappy with the book for any reason, just reach out to us and we'll give you a full refund. There's no risk.

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