The newline Guide to Building Your First GraphQL Server with Node and TypeScript

In this course, we'll show you how to create your first GraphQL server with Node.js and TypeScript

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Hassan Djirdeh

Front End Developer @Shopify | Creator of TinyHouse | Author of Fullstack Vue

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Course Overview

What you will learn
  • How to create a Node server using Express

  • Importance of strongly-typed code

  • How to integrate TypeScript to a Node server

  • Differences between REST & GraphQL

  • What problems GraphQL can solve

  • How to create a GraphQL API using Apollo

In this course, we'll be creating a Node server from scratch with the help of the Express framework. We'll then introduce the benefits of strongly-typed code and integrate TypeScript into our Node server application.

We will compare GitHub's old RESTful API against its new GraphQL API. We will explore the problems GraphQL aims to solve. And finally, we will create our own GraphQL API using Apollo!