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How to Install Apollo Server for GraphQL

In this lesson, we'll install the Express variation of the popular Apollo Server library and the GraphQL JavaScript library.

Installing Apollo Server and GraphQL

📣 The graphql JavaScript library now provides its own type definitions so we'll no longer need to install the accompanying community prepared typings.

We've mentioned that the GraphQL specification isn't tied to any specific technology. We've also talked about one of the popular suite of tools in the GraphQL ecosystem, Apollo.

Apollo Server is one of the libraries within the Apollo framework and its responsibility is to help build a GraphQL API within Node applications. Apollo Server enables us to connect a GraphQL schema to a server and can be used to spin up a stand-alone server, be an add-on to an existing Node server, or even work within "serverless" environments. We'll go with the approach of adding Apollo Server to our existing Node/Express server.

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