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Continue the course with TinyHouse

Congrats on finishing this course! At this point, you should have a good understanding of spinning up Node/Express servers, using TypeScript, and establishing a GraphQL API with the help of the Apollo Server package. There's a lot more to learn and cover when it comes to building on this foundational knowledge to moving towards building a full-stack production-ready application. If you're interested in continuing what you learned, read below to get a brief understanding of everything we cover in the TinyHouse Masterclass.

In TinyHouse, we'll learn how to build production web apps using React, GraphQL, Node, MongoDB, and TypeScript. The Masterclass is geared to be a hand's on, project-based experience and we're incredibly excited to have you with us!

We're your instructors for this course - Hassan and Jing. Between us, we've authored Fullstack Vue, published a series of different publications under the Fullstack/Newline umbrella, worked on our own start-ups, and have built large-scale production apps with React, GraphQL, and TypeScript.

Part I & Part II

We've broken the course down into two parts. In Part I, we introduce all of the core technologies we'll need to develop a full-stack web app. We'll learn about Node, TypeScript, GraphQL & Apollo, MongoDB, and React Hooks. We'll use these technologies to build a web app that presents listing data that is kept in a MongoDB database and accessed through a GraphQL API.

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