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  • What you'll build

    When you buy Fullstack Vue, you're not buying just a book, but dozens of code examples. Every chapter in the book comes with a complete project that uses the concepts in the chapter in a practical, runnable format.

    A Server-Persisted Shopping Cart

    Use the Flux-like library Vuex to manage data for a large shopping cart application that persists information on to a local server.

    A Calendar Event App

    Dive deeper into component based architecture by learning how simple state management works with Vue Single-file components.

    A Voting Application

    Learn how to render dynamic components and use standard Vue directives to build an interactive voting application.

    Forms with Validations

    Build powerful forms that accept user input, and give clear messaging when the input is of an invalid format.

    Vuex-based Routes and Authentication

    Build on top of the server persisted shopping cart app by creating dynamic routes and a token authentication flow with the official vue-router library.

    Build bullet-proof apps with Testing

    Use Vue's official test utility library, vue-test-utils, to create meaningful tests for a daily weather app that interacts with a third party API.

    2hr long screencast

    For the most popular package, you'll also get access to a series of videos, almost 2hrs in length, to set up, build, and deploy an entire Vue.js application from scratch.

    Table of Contents

    • Getting Started with Vue 1
    • Your development environment  
    • Create your first Vue.js App  
    • Data-driving our views  
    • Single-file Components 2
    • Build our basic application  
    • Breaking into composable components  
    • Create a simple global store  
    • Custom Events 3
    • Managing Event Data  
    • The Event Bus  
    • Wrangling custom events  
    • Introduction to Vuex 4
    • Intro to flux  
    • Refactoring our note-taking application  
    • The Vuex Store  
    • Vuex and Servers 5
    • Client and Server Interaction  
    • The Vuex Store  
    • Medium to Large-scale applications  
    • Form Handling 6
    • Buttons, inputs, and fields  
    • Using Validation Libraries  
    • Async persistence  
    • Routing 7
    • Multiple pages  
    • Login with authenticated routes  
    • Navigation guards  
    • Unit Testing 8
    • Intro to testing  
    • Assertions  
    • Real-world app testing  

    What readers are saying...

    Luis Fernando Saavedra Meza

    Luis Fernando Saavedra Meza

    Web Developer / CS Student

    "Another must read from the team! Going through the book's real-world apps is like growing your dev superpowers one concept at a time."

    Marina Landisberg

    Marina Landisberg

    Software Developer

    "Providing code variations for every step along the way has been really helpful, by showing how the end result should look and making it easier for me to reproduce it!"

    Conrad Taylor

    Conrad Taylor

    Software Engineer

    "If you're looking to learn Vue.js from the ground up, then I recommend starting with this book. The author does a great job at explaining concepts in an easy to understand manner as well as providing sample code to reinforce the learning process throughout the text. After reading this book, you'll come away with the Vue.js knowledge to become productive in both your personal and/or work related projects!"

    Vasiliy Vanchuk

    Vasiliy Vanchuk

    TeamLead at DevHub

    "After being a beta-reader I love the 'Fullstack' series even more than before. I totally recommend Vue book for every one who wanna gain new experience with the tool."

    Richard Cosgrove

    Richard Cosgrove

    Front-end Developer

    "Fullstack Vue gives you all of the modern tools of the fastest growing front-end framework by introducing them through unique example apps. By being rife with apps, it gives the opportunity to compare code and reinforce ideas. This is a great way to learn Vue, whether it's your first web framework or you're an old hat wanting to learn a new trick."

    Angeline Tan

    Angeline Tan

    Software Developer

    "It is interesting to explore new frameworks, but also difficult when having to piece together advice from different sites. More in depth than blog posts, and more hands on than reading the docs, you will learn by doing. Thanks to this guide, picking up Vue.js for work was smooth!"

    Christoph Jasinksi

    Christoph Jasinksi

    Devops Engineer

    "Hands up to Hassan for this masterpiece. In ready to follow steps and concise manner, you'll guided to master the framework of the future piece by piece. This book will make you love the frontend again and overcome the Javascript fatigue. Great job!"

    Jeff Anderson

    Jeff Anderson

    Solution Architect

    "Fullstack does it again! I really enjoy all their products. Their React and Angular books are in a class by themselves. They provide the perfect balance of introduction and challenge. I was extremely excited to see this book coming out as I wanted to learn Vue and I respect this team greatly. If you have any of their other works you will be right at home here. This is a very worthy addition to the Fullstack legacy. Another home run!"

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