Build amazing apps with Vue 3

The Fullstack Vue book is the complete guide to Vue.js. With dozens of code examples showing every step, you will master this delightful framework

Create sleek, dynamic web apps with Vue.js

Fullstack Vue is a tutorial-driven book that will have you writing Vue apps in no time

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What You Will Build

When you buy Fullstack Vue, you're not buying just a book, but dozens of code examples. Every chapter in the book comes with a complete project that uses the concepts in the chapter in a practical, runnable format.

A Server-persisted Shopping Cart

Use the Flux-like library Vuex to manage data for a large shopping cart application that persists information on to a local server.

A Calendar Event App

Dive deeper into component based architecture by learning how simple state management works with Vue Single-file components

A Voting Application

Learn how to render dynamic components and use standard Vue directives to build an interactive voting application

Forms with Validations

Build powerful forms that accept user input, and give clear messaging when the input is of an invalid format

VueX-based Routes and Authentication

Build on top of the server persisted shopping cart app by creating dynamic routes and a token authentication flow with the official vue-router library

Build Bullet-proof Apps with Testing

Use Vue's official test utility library, vue-test-utils, to create meaningful tests for a daily weather app that interacts with a third party API

👋 Hi! I'm Hassan, the author of this book

I work for Shopify as software engineer, based out of Toronto. I've built production-ready web apps that are used by thousands of people and I'll share my experience and tips with you here in Fullstack Vue.

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started with Vue1
  • Your development environment 
  • Create your first Vue.js App 
  • Data-driving our views 
  • Single-file Components2
  • Build our basic application 
  • Breaking into composable components 
  • Create a simple global store 
  • Custom Events3
  • Managing Event Data 
  • The Event Bus 
  • Wrangling custom events 
  • Introduction to Vuex4
  • Intro to flux 
  • Refactoring our note-taking application 
  • The Vuex Store 
  • Vuex and Servers5
  • Client and Server Interaction 
  • The Vuex Store 
  • Medium to Large-scale application 
  • Form Handling6
  • Buttons, inputs, and fields 
  • Using Validation Libraries 
  • Async persistence 
  • Routing7
  • Multiple pages 
  • Login with authenticated routes 
  • Navigation guards 
  • Unit Testing8
  • Intro to testing 
  • Assertions 
  • Real-world app testing 
  • Advanced
    Composition API9
  • Why composition? 
  • Building Dark Mode 
  • Building Notifications 
  • Advanced
    TypeScript and Vue10
  • Annotating Props 
  • Configuring tsconfig.json 
  • Custom hooks in Vue 
  • Advanced
    Vue Apollo and GraphQL11
  • Consuming GraphQL 
  • Mutations 
  • Vue Apollo 

What People Are Saying...

I've read the Fullstack Vue and React books from newline and gained a wealth of knowledge for both front-end frameworks. I enjoy learning from your books and I recommend them to every developer I meet that wants to learn a front-end framework.

Reggie Yoboua
Front End Web Developer at Strainprint Technologies

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  • Composition API Chapter
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I'm wondering

What happens after I buy the book?

You'll be able to download the book and source code after checkout. You'll also receive an email from Gumroad giving you instructions on how to download it at any time.

How long is the book?

The advanced package of the book has 11 chapters totaling about 620+ pages.

Is the book complete?

Yes. The book is complete, though we still will make updates and occasionally add content.

Do I have to know JavaScript?

Yes, we assume you know the basics of programming in JavaScript. However, you don't have to be a JavaScript expert - we walk through every line of code.

Are there free updates?

Yes! Buying now entitles you to free updates for at least one year after purchase

How do I download the book and updates?

If you've purchased the book, you can download it from your Gumroad library.

How up to date is the book?

The book is up to date with the latest version of Vue 3 - released in 2021

What format is the book?

The book is in PDF, Epub, and Mobi format. It also comes with a large folder of example code

What if I don't like it?

If you're unhappy with the book for any reason, just reach out to us and we'll give you a full refund. There's no risk.