• Build (and deploy) a real SaaS app in 8 weeks using Python and Flask with this self-paced, online course.

    How The Course Works

    Fullstack Flask is a self-paced, 8-week, online course where you will build a real-world SaaS application in Python


    Take the course anywhere


    Take the course anytime


    Learn in a cohesive fashion


    Learn with other students


    Everything you need to build a real SaaS application

    Fullstack Flask goes beyond other courses in covering every detail required for a production application.

    Here are ten things you will be able to do when you take the course:

    1. Build the backend and frontend in Python with Flask
    2. Persist data with PostgreSQL
    3. 100% Test Coverage
    4. Handle real payments with Stripe.
    5. Setup and run delayed jobs queues
    6. Send emails to your users
    7. Build user authentication
    8. Learn how to deploy the entire architecture to production
    9. Tune the performance of the server and queries
    10. Build the foundation for your income-generating SaaS side-project or company

    Our students work at

    👋 Hey there! I'm Sumukh, the author of this course

    I work at AngelList and previously helped teach Python and Flask at U.C. Berkeley to thousands of students. I've helped a lot of people learn Flask but along the way I noticed a problem with the tutorials and books that people were using.

    The problem was that tutorials would skip the actual problems you would encounter as a full-stack developer trying to deploy a maintainable and scalable application in production.

    To solve this this problem, I decided to create this course: A guide that doesn't just cover the basics, but one that teaches how to solve all of the problems you will run into when developing a web application using Flask.

    It's the guide I wish I had when I was getting started, and I think you're going to love it.

    What We Will Build

    In Fullstack Flask I will teach you how to use the full power and expressiveness of Python to build a fully functional income-generating web app from scratch using Flask.