Learn to build Rust apps

The Fullstack Rust book is the complete guide to building fast, production-ready Rust apps

Learn to build performance-critical Rust apps

The Rust language is a way to write incredibly fast - and safe - code. It's being used to build tools at Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many other companies where performance is critical.

While there are some good resources on how to learn the Rust programming language by itself, what these other books don't teach is how to build applications with Rust.

Fullstack Rust solves that. In this book we show you how to use Rust to build incredibly fast web-servers, build command-line tools, and compile apps to run in the browser with Web Assembly (WASM).

Meet the Author: Andy Weiss, Software Engineer at Google

I started my career as a Data Scientist and Software Engineer at Facebook before becoming the first engineer at Flexport.

I began working with Rust as a hobby before putting it into production while at Rollbar. I'm now working on Fuchsia at Google. In my work, I try to mix the academic rigor from a PhD at Princeton with pragmatism learned from shipping products at companies big and small.

In Fullstack Rust I've put together a book that will show you how to use the Rust ecosystem to build fast, secure, apps and tools.

Learn the techniques and tools to build realistic Rust applications

Rust has features that make it a fantastic tool for a number of tasks. Some highlights include:

  • Performance
  • Strong, static, expressive type system
  • Fearless concurrency
  • Great error messages
  • Modern generics
  • Memory safety
  • Cross-platform
  • C interoperability
  • Compiles to WASM (WebAssembly)

Rust has a great set of documentation around the standard library. However, this book has a different focus - instead of trying to teach you just the Rust language, our goal is to build realistic applications and explore some of the techniques and tools available in Rust for accomplishing those tasks.

In the process of working through some common scenarios, you will also be able to learn Rust.

In the book, we teach with a gradual ramp-up from very simple to more complex programs as we build up our Rust toolbelt. Along the way, we'll show places where many people stumble and support you in finding your own way over these hurdles.

By the time you're done with this book, you'll be empowered to branch out and build your own Rust programs.

Mathew Varughese

Software Engineer at Stripe

As someone that is interested in systems programming, but did not know where to start, Fullstack Rust was a great way for me to get started.

The book is structured in a digestible way that teaches the what, how, and why of the Rust programming language.

Table of Contents

  • Your First Rust App1
  • Getting Started With Rust 
  • Making Our First Crate 
  • Testing Our Code 
  • Making A Web App With Actix2
  • Rust Web Ecosystem 
  • Handling Requests 
  • Understanding Rust Closures