Learn advanced React, Node, TypeScript, and GraphQL by building a production-ready application in this 8-week, self-paced, online course.

  • Learn each of these technologies and how to build a production app that fits them together.


    2 months

    Estimated 4 hours per week


    24 modules

    Each module contains 1-2 hours of lecture, code, challenges, and quizes



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    How The Course Works

    TinyHouse is a self-paced, 8-week, online course.


    Take the course anywhere


    Take the course anytime


    Learn in a cohesive fashion


    Learn with other students

    Shubhie Panicker

    Software Engineer, Web platform: Blink and Chrome at Google

    A well-paced, thoughtfully structured and engaging class! I enjoyed it.

    I especially appreciated the detailed coverage of data management with GraphQL and Apollo.

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    10 Things You'll Learn

    1. How to create a GraphQL API in Node.js, with Apollo Server, from scratch.
    2. Gain confidence to build robust production-ready applications.
    3. Build large-scale React applications with 2020 techniques (e.g. Hooks).
    4. Utilize React Apollo and the Apollo CLI to handle GraphQL requests from React.
    5. Avoid bugs by using TypeScript to write strongly-typed code.
    6. Persist data with both MongoDB and PostgreSQL.
    7. Handle payments with Stripe.
    8. Learn how to deploy applications hassle-free with Heroku.
    9. Tackle the complexity of authentication by using the industry standard OAuth 2.0 (Google Sign-In).
    10. Enable location searching with the powerful Google's Geocode API.

    Nader Dabit

    Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services

    TinyHouse is the first full stack course that I've seen covering all of the aspects of building a real-world and modern application.

    This course stands out to me not only because of the great execution, but the breadth of important topics that are covered that are typically left out of these types of courses. By the end of this course, you'll be well on your way to becoming a full stack developer on one of the most modern stacks out there today. 5 stars!

    What You'll Build

    In this detailed Fullstack Masterclass, you'll build a production-ready home sharing application, inspired by sites like Airbnb.

    🏠 Try the completed app demo 🏠

    How to create a Node.js GraphQL API

    We'll build a GraphQL in Node.js from scratch
    ...and then upgrade to Apollo Server

    Create React UI with GraphQL Data

    Using Apollo Client we'll integrate our GraphQL queries and mutations into our React app (using hooks)

    Utilize Apollo to make GraphQL requests

    Using Apollo Client we'll call GraphQL mutations (using hooks)

    Avoid bugs with TypeScript

    Both our client and our server will be implemented in TypeScript


    We'll use a Geo-location API to allow searching for listings by physical location

    Accept Payments with Stripe

    Using Stripe, we'll configure the front-end and server to take payments

    Create Gorgeous Pages

    Creating intuitive and presentable UI isn't easy. We'll see how CSS component frameworks let us create beautiful pages (without being a designer)

    Tackle Authentication

    Authentication can be difficult to get right, but we show each step to integrate our server and client to allow login with Google or any OAuth 2.0 provider

    Learn Efficient Pagination

    See how offset-based pagination can easily be implemented with MongoDB and the Apollo framework.

    Build Complex Forms

    Handle form validation with React Hooks and Ant Design's intuitive, form-based components.

    Building TinyHouse

    The TinyHouse course is broken into two parts

    See the full syllabus

    Part I

    An introduction to all the different tools we'll need to build the TinyHouse application.


    • - 65+ screencast videos (over 7hrs of recorded material)
    • - Detailed manuscript (and code) for every single screencast video.
    • - 110+ multiple choice quiz questions.
    • - In-depth challenge projects.
    • - 8+ PDF cheat sheets
    • - and more...

    Part II

    Take everything we've learned from Part I and build the TinyHouse home sharing application.


    • - 96 additional screencast videos (over 16 additional hrs of recorded material)
    • - Detailed manuscript for every single screencast video.
    • - 110+ multiple choice quiz questions.
    • - More challenge projects.
    • - Build of the code for each lesson

    Michael Lynn

    Developer Advocate at MongoDB

    I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for a complete, opinionated full-stack approach to modern web application development

    In my role as a DevRel at MongoDB, I'm constantly learning new frameworks as well as keeping up with updates to existing stacks. When I evaluate a course, I look for complete content, efficient delivery, and an effective learning strategy. Tinyhouse delivers in all of these areas.

    It presents React, TypeScript, GraphQL and MongoDB in an incredibly clear, concise way. I highly recommend this course.

    TinyHouse vs. Other Courses

    TinyHouse offers the capability to learn within a more complex, in-depth, and interoperable setting.

    Other Courses


    Build a production-ready appAnother todo list


    Covers all of the details including structure, organization, tooling, and deployment.Leaves you wanting more, wondering how to build a "real" application.


    Build one unified application in-depth.A bunch of different tutorials that don't fit together.


    Support from classmates and teachers in our Discord community.On your own

    Code Examples

    Complete code examples, with exercises and quizzes.Spotty, questionable code examples.

    Time Commitment

    Build a complete app in 4 - 6 weeks.Without a linear path you can waste months and get nowhere.

    Qualified Instructions

    We've written and sold thousands of copies of books such as Fullstack React and Fullstack Vue.Unpredictable


    Satisfaction guaranteed - refund at any time.Stingy refund policies, if any.
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    What's Inside

    The Tinyhouse course is designed to maximize active learning.
    It's designed so that you can learn-by-doing and have the confidence to build a complete application (and get a better job) when you're done.

    Video Lectures

    Each week has 1-2 hours of video lectures.

    Complete Transcripts

    Every lesson comes with a complete transcript alongside the video, including code.

    Complete Code for Each Lesson

    Every lesson contains a folder of code that shows a runnable version of the app.

    Quizzes (with Solutions!)

    Recalling information helps improve retention. Each week you'll have quizzes to test your knowledge.


    Challenges are structured code problems that let you try your skills in a new domain.


    In our community Discord channel, you can chat with fellow students, ask questions, and help each other.

    Course Reviews

    What folks are saying

    TinyHouse tackles information overload by helping distill information in a specific, concise, and understandable format.

    Coming from a background of using React, Node, and MongoDB; this course helped introduce other concepts I haven't come across before. I can confidently say this course has made me more confident in building more scalabe web applications.

    I'm really enjoying the class and don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of things being taught.

    Some great things about this class - there's a transcript for every lecture that's 100% accurate which has been tremendously helpful! I also love the quizzes at the end of each lecture so you can make sure you understand what you've learned thus far.

    TinyHouse is a zero-to-hero approach to full-stack JavaScript development.

    I was looking at different courses and books to learn GraphQL, React, and TypeScript and I'm so happy I've come across this course. The instructors have done a fantastic job in teaching the material and utilizing real-life examples to explain the content.

    Exactly what I needed to understand how React applications can work with GraphQL and TypeScript.

    I was enrolled in the beta-program for Part I, and I really enjoyed the structure of the TinyHouse course. From watching the screencast videos, reading the lesson manuscripts, and answering some of the quiz questions that came up; this course is really well laid out!

    I've been following Newline/Fullstack for a while now and they’ve finally entered the course market with this outstanding first course.

    With TinyHouse, powerful and advanced concepts are explained with examples, quizzes, and exercises. If you want to learn fast and proficient, no doubt this is your platform. Congrats on the awesome work!

    You can find a large number of courses on the web but not every course and every author will suit you. This one was perfect for me.

    I already knew React well and I was familiar with GraphQL but with this course I feel my knowledge about GraphQL is much deeper. Plus, this course is a great introduction to Typescript and React Hooks!

    The instructors have done an amazing job with making the material easy to understand.

    As someone starting a career in web development, I noticed a lot of positions asking for familiarity with TypeScript and GraphQL. By pure chance, I found this course for a capstone project I was working on!

    The real value of Tinyhouse lies in learning how to fit together the various technologies to make a significant application.

    This course focuses on React, but it also includes other technologies (Node, Express, MongoDB, etc.) with each topic explained clearly and shown how it fits into the overall application.

    Tinyhouse is amazing! I'm really learning a lot. Also, the instructors are awesome. When I have posted an issue, it seems that they respond almost immediately. Kudos to them!

    Comparing and contrasting APIs was really interesting and informative. I specifically enjoyed connecting an Apollo server with a GraphQL API. The content was really easy to understand.

    IMO Typescript is verbose and can get a little confusing (I'm still getting used to this), but your approach to writing the functions helps transition to this new form - well thought out! Nice job. I would like to see more from you in the future.

    I love the approach to learning you've created and the support on Discord. The speed at which you progress keeps it fresh and sharp. Each module is better than the last because I can see my app build in front of my eyes.

    I really loved seeing how other approaches tackle common web dev obstacles. Some of the techniques that are used to tie the MongoDB schema together with the way Typescript knows what things are was really cool. It takes a bit of up-front effort, but I could immediately see how much it would streamline the code from that point on. Great job guys! Really loved your work.

    The quality and pace of your teaching is fantastic from the modules I have looked into.

    I'm really enjoying this React course. It's packed with industry standard information.

    Using TypeScript so extensively proved exceedingly useful. GraphQL + Apollo Server/Boost are amazing tools. I am definitely going to utilize what I learned for freelance projects!

    Absolutely fantastic courses. Self-paced, comprehensive, real examples from beginning to end, clear and concisely brilliant. This course will make you a great full-stack developer!

    This course contained lots of new knowledge (typescript with node usage, graphql) for me. The material delivery is clear and easy to grasp. I can't wait to proceed with Part II.

    You are fantastic, I learned a lot during the course. It improved my skills in web dev a lot.

    Hassan and Jing, you guys are great, like great-great, Albert Einstein great. Thank you!

    I really enjoyed the first part and even went through it a second time using only the transcripts/copy. Super helpful for retention. I just browsed the part II contents and holy wow, that's a lot of content

    Tinyhouse has been useful as I start my own web app. Now I have a clean mental model of GraphQl and resolvers. Thank you. I am more confident in starting new web adventures!

    My favorite module was on GraphQL! It moves away from the basics and dives more into the underlying implementation. Nice work!

    Tinyhouse has provided me with a good grasp of how to build a dynamic website from scratch. Modules 3 and 4 really show how Apollo is awesome & GraphQL too! Thanks to both Hassan and Jing.

    Part 1 was a great introduction to this stack: the modules are well done and carry the learner through the complexity in a supportive way. Looking forward to Part 2! This course will help me to create an example app that I can use to demo the value of the React/Apollo/GraphQL/etc. stack for upcoming projects.

    I work in the hospitality industry and we are switching to a very similar stack (except for MongoDB). I like how the course taught how to integrate TypeScript in a full stack JavaScript project and how to create a GraphQL API. Learning the inner workings of Apollo Server was good too. GraphQL was a bit like sorcery to me until now.

    Your approach to this course is hands down better than any other I have seen. I absolutely LOVE that you walk us through building things from scratch, then after we understand why and how we did that, only then do you start to talk about some additional libraries we can use to help smooth it out. Thank you!

    I found the typescript part really useful. I always wanted to learn typescript and how it can be used to build a production-grade application. Keep up the good work!

    This course broadened my experience with real and actual new technologies! Learning about GraphQL and how it is different than traditional REST was really helpful.

    I truly enjoyed each of the modules. The coverage on GraphQL was super valuable and I would certainly recommend this course.

    Having everything put together in one place is so much better than trying to do it in separate tutorials. I also liked that this course started simple and showed the techniques that are used to develop the app rather than just looking at the finished project and not knowing how it got there. Tinyhouse really made things clear for me.

    I definitely learned useful material in the Tinyhouse course! The Comparing APIs module was my favorite. I found this really interesting. Thanks Folks :)

    Prior to this, I had experience with React but never really developed API's on my own using Node. I have an internship over the summer and I saw that past interns worked on some web apps. These videos give me a lot of confidence understanding the whole architecture of a web app.

    I have been doing this course in my free time - it has a way of keeping programming interesting. Keep up the good work.

    Setting up a Node.js app from scratch was super helpful. Specifically Module 3, Using Apollo Server, was my favorite since it compares the Github APIs.


    Flexible plans designed for everyone


    $229 one time
    For those interested in learning all the tools needed to build a full-stack JavaScript application. Get context on creating a GraphQL API with Node & Apollo Server, use TypeScript to write statically-typed code, persist data with MongoDB, handle React UI changes with traditional & custom Hooks, and utilize the Apollo Client library to make GraphQL requests.
    View the syllabus
    • Learn the foundational technologies
    • 65+ screencast videos (7hrs+)
    • 400+ pages of screencast manuscript
    • 110+ multiple choice quiz questions
    • 2+ challenge projects
    • 8+ PDF cheat sheets


    $399$299 one timeOn Sale!
    or pay in 5 monthly installments of $89.00
    Our core program. Take everything learned from the Basics plan to focus on building the TinyHouse home sharing application. Get context on client-side routing with React Router, authentication with Google Sign In (and OAuth 2.0), persist data with PostgreSQL, payments with Stripe, location searching with Google's Geocode API, image storage with Cloudinary, and deployment with Heroku.
    View the syllabus


    Everything in the Basics plan and...

    • Additional 50+ screencast videos
    • Additional 300+ pages of screencast manuscript
    • Additional 80+ multiple choice quiz questions
    • Additional 2+ challenge projects


    $1,995 one time
    Team licenses of the Pro package. Perfect for teams of any size with bulk discounts applied for teams of 10 of more students. When purchased, head over to the Seats page within your profile settings where you'll find one-time use URLs that can be shared with students.
    View the syllabus

    Everything in the Pro plan and...

    • Bulk discounts for teams of 10+ students

    Meet The Team

    Meet the team behind Tinyhouse

    Hassan Djirdeh

    👋 Hi! I'm Hassan, one of the core instructors of the TinyHouse Masterclass. You may recognize me from Fullstack Vue or from other publications I’ve made under the newline brand.

    I'm a Front-End/Web Engineer at Shopify where I've been working with React, TypeScript, and GraphQL for years now to help build some of the largest production applications at-scale.

    Jing Chen

    👋 Hello! I'm Jing, core instructor of the TinyHouse Masterclass. I'm a mechanical-engineer turned programmer and I work for the aerospace company Bombardier.

    In the Tinyhouse course, Hassan and I distill our knowledge of building full-stack apps using the ultimate stack: React, TypeScript, and Node - tied together with GraphQL.

    Nate Murray

    👋 Hey! I'm Nate, Founder of newline and and producer of a number of books such as Fullstack React, Fullstack D3 and a number of others. The books and courses we've produced have sold tens of thousands of copies because we create the highest-quality tutorials in the industry.

    Questions you might have

    Here are answers to some common questions you might have.

    We assume you know the basics of HTML/CSS/JavaScript and perhaps have dabbled in a newer front-end library (like React) to recognize what it offers. With that said, we spend as much time as we can to ensure that we introduce and explain all the technologies we intend to use before we use them.

    The course does not teach you how to program from scratch. We delve into intermediate/advanced code, for example, building a GraphQL server with Node and using Hooks with React.

    While you don't have to be a React or Node expert, it is good if you have, for example, gone through a basic React tutorial beforehand.

    Each module is about a weeks worth of work. The Basics part of the course is 8 modules. Within each week you'll have 1-2 hours of lecture videos, quizzes, and exercises to write code on your own. You can get help from other students in our class Discord channel.

    Pro part of the course is an additional 16 modules.

    All of the lectures and transcripts are viewable through our website.

    At the end of each week you'll have a new skill in your toolbox for building full-stack apps.

    Each module is about a weeks worth of work. The Basics part of the course is 8 modules.

    Pro part of the course is an additional 16 modules.

    Each week has 1-2 hours of lecture. So if you spend 4 hours a week on it, you should be able to complete the course in about 6-8 weeks.

    You will given access to the full course material right away. You will log in to our newline class platform and begin watching the videos.

    Yes! Not only will we share the entire code project for the course, we share the completed code directories for every single lesson in the course. In the lesson manuscript, you'll also be able to see the code being slowly constructed as you read/proceed through the lesson.

    In the Basic package (i.e Part I of the course), we spend as much time as we can introducing and using the technologies needed to persist data, create a GraphQL API, and have our React client interact with that API. Since our focus is on the patterns and methods we take to get this integration, we don't spend a significant amount of time building a large amount of markup in our client application.

    In the Pro package (i.e. Part II of the course), we build the TinyHouse application and focus on using the many different third party libraries and tools we'll need (Google Sign In, Google's Geocode API, Stripe, etc). We also spend a significant effort scaling our GraphQL API and React application.


    We picked the technologies for this course based on our experience, how well these technologies work together, and their use in numerous production applications today. With that being said, we stress the important patterns and concepts we think one needs to know to help build whatever full-stack application one might have in mind. Whether you prefer to use a relational database, like to set up your GraphQL API with Ruby, or use Vue.js on the client - there's a lot of information you'll learn from this course to help get you where you want to go.

    You'll be ready to slay dragons, travel the world, and conquer your next adventure!

    In all seriousness, after this course you'll be able to recognize what GraphQL offers, how to create a GraphQL API with Apollo Server, how TypeScript helps build more robust applications, how to use non-relational database like MongoDB, and how React and React Hooks can be used today to build dynamic client applications. In summary, you'll learn how to build full-stack JavaScript applications with some of the most popular technologies today.

    Be sure to check out the syllabus for more detail on the topics the course covers!

    If you're unhappy with the course for any reason, just reach out to us and we'll give you a full refund. There's no risk.

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    I'm in!

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