Build instantly-interactive apps without effort with Qwik.

The Complete Guide to Qwik is a deliberate learning path, designed to help you master this powerful framework. Through practical examples and detailed analysis of how Qwik functions, you will learn to create your own large-scale, instant applications.

  • Build real world solid applications with Qwik

    Currently there are many frameworks to create web applications and it is very difficult to decide which one to use.

    The problem with modern frameworks is that as the complexity of the application increases the loading speed degrades. Therefore, having underperforming applications, the user experience is also unsatisfactory. The developers themselves will be slowed down by a framework that doesn't help them in their day-to-day work.

    New Mental Model: Qwik has a completely new design and mental model approach. This new paradigm allows you to create a successful application for your domain that you otherwise would not be able to have.

    Developer Experience: Throughout this book, you will find that creating applications with Qwik is very satisfying. This framework is meant to be intuitive and provide an enjoyable day by day experience.

    Cloud Oriented: Deploying to production has never been easier. Thanks to the Qwik CLI it is possible to automate many operations including integration with the best Cloud providers.

    With The Complete Guide to Qwik you will learn the theory about frameworks and then you will create a modern application to prove what you have learned.

    What's in the book

    1Understand why a new framework is needed
    2Understand the differences of the various frontend architectures
    3How the Qwik Resumability works and why it is a great idea
    4How SEO and Core Web Vitals work
    5How to deploy a Qwik application
    6How to style a Qwik application with Tailwind
    7How to authenticate your Qwik application with Supabase
    8How to read and write data with Qwik and Supabase
    9How to test your Qwik application
    10Learn best practices and useful tips

    What You Will Build

    We're going to build an ecommerce application with Qwik.

    The ecommerce application we are going to create. This is the list of articles with a search bar

    Item detail page of our application with add to cart button and like button.

    Our students work at


    👋 Hey there! I'm Gioboa, the author of this book

    I'm a full stack developer and the front-end ecosystem is my passion I started to develop application in 2006 and in 2012 I fall in love with JavaScript

    I'm also active in open source ecosystem, I love learn and study new things I also really enjoy public speaking and sharing my experiences I'm very ambitious and I try to improve myself every day 🚀


    Table of Contents

    • Qwik in Action1
    • Foreword 
    • Introduction2
    • Introduction 
    • TypeScript 
    • Frontend architectures 
    • Hydration 
    • React Server Component 
    • Resumability, the Qwik way 
    • Summary Chapter 2 
    • Qwik, the framework built on top of closure-extraction3
    • Qwik, the framework built on top of closure-extraction 
    • Resumability 
    • Code Extraction 
    • Why Qwik use JSX syntax 
    • Summary Chapter 3 
    • Getting started with Qwik4
    • Getting started with Qwik 
    • Qwik compilation Process 
    • Technical requirements to start a new Qwik application 
    • Middleware 
    • Summary Chapter 4 
    • SEO and Core Web Vitals5
    • SEO 
    • Sitemap and robots files 
    • Partytown 
    • Core Web Vitals 
    • Labs data vs Field data 
    • Summary Chapter 5 
    • Deploy Qwik in production6
    • Deploy Qwik in production 
    • Cloud solutions 
    • Branching strategies 
    • Progressive Web App 
    • Summary Chapter 6 
    • Style and render data with Qwik7
    • Style and render data with Qwik 
    • CSS and Built-In Styling Methods 
    • Tailwind CSS 
    • Managing data with Qwik 
    • Summary Chapter 7 
    • Creating an e-commerce with Qwik and Supabase8
    • Creating an e-commerce with Qwik and Supabase 
    • Technological spike 
    • Supabase for your backend 
    • Let's talk about the Authentication process 
    • Summary Chapter 8 
    • Rendering products with Orama full text search9
    • Supabase CLI 
    • Supabase db migrations 
    • Show products on our homepage 
    • Product Detail 
    • Cache-control headers 
    • Summary Chapter 9 
    • Adding cart and checkout process with Stripe10
    • Add a product to your favorites list 
    • Adding cart and checkout process with Stripe 
    • Page views tracking 
    • Real-time database 
    • Summary Chapter 10 
    • Adding tests to our Qwik application11
    • Overview of application testing 
    • How much testing is enough? When do I write tests? 
    • Test-Driven Development (TDD) 
    • Let's add some tests with Cypress 
    • Qwik UI 
    • Summary Chapter 11 
    • Final thoughts12
    • Final thoughts 
    • qwikify$ 
    • Qwik inside Astro application 
    • Micro-frontends with Qwik 
    • Summary chapter 12 

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    I'm wondering...

    Should I have some knowledge of JavaScript before I read this book?

    Yes, Javascript/Typescript skills are required and preferably an intermediate knowledge of a modern web framework especially for the coding and ecosystem part.

    What will I learn once I finish this course?

    You will learn why and how Qwik differs from other modern frameworks and what are the considerations to make when designing a complex application that needs to scale.

    How will reading this book help me professionally?

    This book aims to fill the gaps in your understanding of modern frontend frameworks. The topics covered in this book are essential to understand for any professional frontend developer looking to take the next step towards becoming a senior engineer.

    Do I have to read this book from start to end in order?

    Although it is recommended to read it from the start till the end in order, you should be able to read most of the book in any order you want and refer to any previous module if required.

    What if I don’t like the book?

    If you're unhappy with the book for any reason, just reach out to us within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund. No risk involved.

    Are there free updates?

    Yes! You’ll have access to any updates released within a year of purchase.

    What if I don’t like the book?

    If you're unhappy with the book for any reason, just reach out to us within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund. No risk involved.