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We'll build a DApp inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage, powered by an auction on the Ethereum blockchain


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What You Will Learn

Build a full-stack DApp

Write an auction contract

Deploy and debug the contract

Draw in canvas

Connect Blockchain to the Browser

Withdraw your funds

In this course, we'll build a DApp inspired by The Million Dollar Homepage. We'll build a 1 million pixel page, and each pixel can be colored by placing the highest bid.

In this course we'll walk through every step of writing a smart contract, deploying it, hosting auctions, and connecting it to the browser through web3.

If you're looking to build real, full-stack ethereum Dapps, then this is a perfectly-sized example.

Course Content

4 modules22 lessons1h 22m total

Getting Started

5 lessons 20m total

Viewing Pixels

7 lessons 25m total


7:15 minutes


1:01 minutes


3:09 minutes


1:15 minutes

Web3 and Events Over WebSockets

We don't need the checkBalance function anymore, so let's get rid of it.


3:09 minutes

Buying Pixels

6 lessons 17m total

Buying An Image -- Reading Pixels

The rest of the script can be found in `scripts/buy-pixels-001-read.js` below


1:57 minutes


1:25 minutes


3:35 minutes

Auctioning Pixels

4 lessons 18m total

The Pull Payment Pattern - Withdraw payments when outbid

Also note that any sort of math like this _should_ be checking for overflows, which we'll talk about later.


4:37 minutes

Your Instructors

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Nate Murray

Founder \newline

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for developers who want to learn about Ethereum and create their first smart contracts. It's expected that you know how to program already - JavaScript is a good option, though developers from other languages should have no trouble following along.

What if I need help?

You can ask us questions anytime through the community Discord channel or by sending us a message.




  • Host an auction on Ethereum

  • Write an end-to-end Dapp

  • Withdraw your funds

Million Ether Homepage