An Introduction to Type-Safe Programming with TypeScript

Get up to speed with practical TypeScript use in your projects

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started With TypeScript1
  • Setting Up Your TypeScript Development Environment2
  • Planning Our First TypeScript Application: FinanceMe3
  • Classes in TypeScript: User and Expense4
  • Generating Unique Ids5
  • Generating the Budget Class6
  • Tracking Expenses by Month and Users7
  • TypeScript Language Features8
  • Lists with Arrays and Tuples9
  • Enums are for named constants10
  • Typing Objects11
  • Union Types, Discriminated Unions, and Type Guards12
  • Intersection Types15
  • Typing Functions - The Basics14
  • Typing Functions with Overloading, Values, and Arrow Functions15
  • Imports and Exports with TypeScript Modules16
  • Compiling TypeScript to JavaScript17
  • ES2015 and TypeScript18
  • let and const in TypeScript19
  • Enhanced Object Literals20
  • Destructuring Assignment21
  • Nested Destructuring22
  • Spread Operator23
  • Object Oriented TypeScript24
  • Inheritance and Composition25
  • Abstraction and Polymorphism26
  • Object Oriented in Practice with BufferUnderflow27
  • Building Attachment and Image for BufferUnderflow28
  • Building the User Model29
  • Building the Question and Answer Models30
  • Running BufferUnderflow31
  • Introduction to TypeScript and Node.js32
  • Building a TypeScript and Node.js App33
  • Where To Go From Here34

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