Pass your algorithms interview with confidence

By learning data structures and algorithms in JavaScript

Table of Contents

  • Algorithms and Their Complexities1
  • Linked List2
  • Queue3
  • Stack4
  • Hash Table5
  • Binary Search Tree6
  • Heap7
  • Priority Queue8
  • Graph9
  • Bit Manipulation10
  • Factorial11
  • Fibonacci12
  • Primality Test13
  • Is Power Of Two14
  • Linear Search15
  • Binary Search16
  • Cartesian Product17
  • Power Set18
  • Permutations19
  • Combinations20
  • Quicksort21
  • Tree Depth First Search22
  • Tree Breadth First Search23
  • Graph Depth First Search24
  • Graph Breadth First Search25
  • Dijkstra's Graph Algorithm26
  • Appendix: Quiz Answers27
  • Appendix: Big-O Time Comparison28
  • Appendix: Big-O For Data Structures29
  • Appendix: Big-O For Sorting Algorithms30

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