The newline Guide to React Native for JavaScript Developers using TypeScript

Code along, and learn to build scalable and performant apps with React Native, from a Product perspective.

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Amit Mangal

Everything front-end. Startup Contributor. Web / Cross platform apps.

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Course Overview

What you will learn
  • How to build real world apps. Code along.

  • Build a Design System for your app

  • How to do state management in React Native

  • Storyboarding - Build apps from a Product perspective

  • Understand the React Native ecosystem, the right way

  • Jumpstart using a template that has ~200 github stars

  • Architecture that separates design and development

  • Learn UX best practices and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks

With React Native, the most important thing is to understand the ecosystem and how it comes together to create an app. By understanding the overall architecture, we will be able to take the full of advantage the platform.

The course will start by covering the fundamentals like setting up the navigation, setting up the screens, styles, and the UI elements, before moving on to more advanced topics such as state management, crash/error reporting, setting up analytics and middlewares, debugging, and performance optimizations. We will also learn how to avoid/fix frame drops - possibly the most watched parameter of any UI application.

We will also build a Design System and will follow the Atomic Design Pattern of building layouts. A Design System primarily consists of three parts:

  • UI Inventory and Patterns
  • Typography
  • Spacing and Styles

We will cover these in detail through the modules of the course. We will also learn about the React Native best practices, how to avoid rabbit holes, and focus on building a performant app.

This is an opinionated way of building apps with React Native. The fundamentals discussed in the course, like Atomic Design Pattern and Design System, can be applied to building any UI application, not just ones using React Native.

One Complete App

The course comes with one complete eCommerce sample app that is discussed through the modules of the course.


The course builds on an open-source boilerplate template and is kept up to date with React, React Native and dependent library versions. It is also updated with the latest APIs and libraries that are introduced, like Hooks, hermes, flipper etc.

Why this course

React Native for JavaScript Developers using TypeScript is based on years of experience in building React Native apps on production. The open-source boilerplate code discussed in the course is the platform for multiple apps on App Store and Play Store today. One of them being a Unicorn.

We will take a Product based development approach to building apps. React Native abstracts out a lot of platform specific nuances, so wouldn't focusing on building the app as an experience make the most sense. The design pattern will help us exactly with that, and we will put together a structure that is both scalable and extensible. This architecture also helps keep the design separate from the development.

At the end of this course, you will not only be able to build real-world apps with React Native, but also have the fundamentals of building any enterprise UI application.

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Course Syllabus and Content

Module 2

Navigation and Screens

3 Lessons1 Hours 14 Minutes

Module 5

API calls and Middlewares

3 Lessons1 Hours 20 Minutes

Module 8

CodePush and Error Reporting

3 Lessons

What Students are Saying

        Meet the Course Instructor

        Amit Mangal

        Amit Mangal

        👋 Hi! I'm Amit, a Senior User Experience engineer at Expedia Group. I have been working on React Native since the past 5 years and have built enterprise apps with React Native for multiple eCommerce orgs and a Unicorn startup. I've been a developer for nearly 15 years and love working on the front-end, most recently on React and React Native.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        What kind of approach to app development is followed?

        We will be following the Atomic design pattern closely along with building a Design System for the app. These concepts are not tribal to React Native and are critical to building any UI application.

        Who is this course for?

        The course is designed for developers who have been working with JavaScript for a long time, and now want to build apps using React Native. The course does not assume any native app development experience.

        What if I need help?

        You can ask us questions anytime through the community Discord channel or by sending us a message.

        Are there any prerequisites?

        The course assumes you are comfortable with JavaScript. We can learn React and Redux (state management) as we go, though some basic knowledge is required.

        The newline Guide to React Native: A Product based development approach