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Built using atoms and molecules, Organisms are the complex components that deliver specific features. They are at the core of an app that delivers a consistent UX.


It is highly recommended that you go through the following lessons in order before moving ahead with this one:


Widgets are the organisms from an Atomic Design perspective. How you define molecules and organisms can have a lot of overlap, so don't worry about creating a distinct separation. At a high level, widgets are like the blocks of lego that you can put together to build a screen. And blocks of lego are not just rectangles but can be specific shapes like a head of a person (organism).

Widgets should be standalone and reusable components that also control the layout of elements within them. They can be placed anywhere in the app, for example, a banner carousel, an image gallery or even an Add to Cart button. When provided with their required input, they should perform a defined task or an action. They should be self-sufficient from UI and UX perspectives.

Reusable Components

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