The one-stop solution for micro-animations in a React Native app.

Yoda Developer#

credit: https://lottiefiles.com/62773-yoga-developer

In case you do not see an image above, where it says

Yoda Developer

, click


No, that is not a GIF. That entire scene and animation is an SVG, running in the browser using Lottie. Imagine what you could do with it in an app.

What I like about Lottie is not just the fact that it helps render beautiful animations without too much effort and with a low memory footprint, but how it separates the responsibility properly. Traditionally, animations were conceived by the designers, and developers had to painstakingly recreate them. With Lottie, the designers just export After Effects animations as JSON and Lottie renders them "as-is" in apps (Lottie also supports web, iOS and Android native).

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