The newline Guide to Angular Universal

In this course I'll show you how to enhance existing Angular application with Angular Universal, how to optimize its performance and what are Server-Side Rendering best practices. You'll see how to improve PageSpeed Insights score from 66 to 95 points!

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Course Overview

Master Production-Ready SSR and Deployments with Angular

What you will learn
  • How to make SEO friendly Angular application

  • What problems Angular Universal can solve

  • How to integrate Angular Universal application with MongoDB and Redis cache

  • Preparing server-specific Angular services and logic paths in the server and browser common code

  • How to create transfer data between server and browser using TransferState

  • Importance of optimizing server-side REST calls

  • How to manipulatie Angular application and tags

  • How to Unit test and e2e test Angular Universal application

  • How to prepare your application for prerendering

In this course, we'll create a complete Angular application that is Server-Side-Rendered with Angular Universal.

The application will be optimized for the best possible performance and will be tuned for real-world production use. For example, we'll use Redis for server-side caching, create protected routes, and get great SEO benefits with a snappy user experience.

This course is 40+ lessons where we walk through a step-by-step tutorial to optimize an Angular app from a Lighthouse score of 66 (the default) to a blazing-fast score of 95 (!)

The problem with "normal" Angular apps is that they don't run until our user has downloaded the entire application - but with SSR, we'll render our Angular app on the server.

The result is that your app will load super-fast, you'll improve your SEO, you will delight your users.

Along the way, we'll learn production deployment techniques like:

  • how to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for global performance and
  • how to deploy to Heroku and retrieve data from a MongoDB database
  • How to measure and improve metrics like time-to-first-byte and time to first-contentful-paint
  • How to add data like internationalization with SSR
  • How to manage security and secrets in your SSR build
  • How fetch server-side queries from the database
  • How to use TransferState to eliminate duplicate client-side queries
  • How to test server-side rendered apps
  • How to pre-render static pages

By the end of this course you'll understand how to create Angular apps with real-world, production-level performance.


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Course Syllabus and Content

Module 5

Transfering data between server and browser

3 Lessons

Module 8


3 Lessons

Module 9


1 Lesson

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        Meet the Course Instructor

        Maciej Treder

        Maciej Treder

        👋 Hi! I'm Maciej Treder, senior software development engineer in Akamai Technologies. I am an international conference speaker, focusing on JavaScript, Angular and web technologies. I am author of several publications about JavaScript, Angular and software architecture. I am founder of the ng-toolkit - set of tools to enhance existing Angular applications.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Who is this course for?

        This course is for developers who have an essential exposure to Angular, and want to make a deep dive into the Angular Universal world.

        What if I need help?

        You can ask us questions anytime through the community Discord channel, starting a discussion in the course, or by sending us a message.

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