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Setting up VS Code

In this lesson, we'll set up the extensions we need for our course

VS Code Setup#

C# by Omnisharp#

Now that the environment setup is ready, let's install some extensions which will make our lives better as a developer.

Go through this lesson only if you're using ""VS Code" as your code editor. Lately, VS Code has become very smart. Developers have worked very hard and made some amazing extensions that support various programming languages and tools. Mind you, this is not an IDE, and don't expect this to be as productive as an integrated developer environment, but trust me, it's getting better and better everyday.

Let's talk about the most essential extension first. On the left, click on the extensions button and search for C#. Install the one powered by OmniSharp. It's a Lightweight development tool for .NET Core and it has Great C# editing support, including syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, debugging support etc.

C# Extensions by jchannon#

So that was the painkiller. Now let's talk about the vitamins. All these tools are optional but good to have. Search for C# Extensions by jchannon. Although this is not under development, it does its job pretty well. We will be using this extension for creating classes and interfaces with just one click. It also helps us in creating constructors and also in initialization. We will be using it all the time, so we will talk about it once we start using it.

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