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Setting up Stripe

In this lesson, we're going to set up Stripe

In this section, we are going to set up the payments for our courses, although there are plenty options when it comes to taking online payments. Considering the popularity and the setup process, Stripe comes out as the best option. Here, we will simply focus on how to take the customer's credit card information.

Open, sign up and then log in as a user. Once you log in, you will see a dashboard like this. Now our root account is created and we can create multiple business accounts with this, so if we click on New Business, there's a box to create that account. We can give it the same name as our application which is Learnify and the country of operation can be United States. Now on top, you will see a new account with name, Learnify, and all the payments related to this business will be shown here. This application is huge and going through all the features of Stripe is not the intention of this course. We will simply see the features which are required by us as developers.

So let's open the developers tab where we will find the information to integrate this to our application. We want to get the API keys so let's click on API keys and we're not simply going to make the payments in the test mode or development mode because we really don't want to spend our money to test this application. As you can see, we are currently inside Test mode and we need to activate our account to access live data. In short, to activate account, we need to give a lot of information about ourselves like the bank account and some proofs. We will simply focus on making this application work inside test mode. If you want to take the application to live mode, you can simply read the instructions and activate your account.

Now to set up Stripe in our application; firstly, we need to mention the keys in our application. We have two keys here; publishable key and the secret key. It won't matter if you share the Publishable key but make sure you never reveal the Secret key. But we can see them because they are test keys as you can see. We get different keys for testing purposes and production purposes.

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