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Creating Add Role Endpoint

In this lesson, we're going to create an addRole endpoint

Creating Add Role endpoint#

As we discussed in the last lesson, let's create an endpoint for adding role. For this, we can go to UsersController and create a new endpoint. This will be Authorized endpoint and will be a post request with name, addRole. Let's write the method now; public async task of type actionResult with name add role. Inside, we need a user which is equal to userManager.findByNameAsync and inside, we can pass User.Identity.Name; after this, we can use userManager.AddToRoleAsync and pass user and the role Instructor. Finally, let's return Ok.


Now let's go to the agent file and add this endpoint inside Users. Let's call this addRole and this will be a post request so let's type the url, users/addRole, and pass the empty body.



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