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Updating Project to .net 6

In this lesson, we're going to update the project to .net6


Updating project to .net 6#

When I started working on this project, dotnet 6 was on its preview version, so I thought of starting it with version 5. However now that version 6 has been released, I'll show you how we can update our project from version 5 to version 6. Let's start by installing the version 6. Open Since I'm using mac, I will install x64 verion. You can install Arm64 version if you have a macbook with m1 processor. Since I'm using intel processor, I will choose this. Please choose the suitable version and install dotnet 6.

Once we're done installing it, we can look at migrating version 5 to 6. We can follow some of these steps which are applicable to us. We will not cover everything mentioned here. Select Visual Studio Code here; we have Vs Code, we have c# extension installed and lastly, we have installed dotnet 6 SDK. We can create global.json file if we want to have different projects that use different version. We will not go for this option.

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