Deploying to Ropsten with Truffle Updated

The cool thing about Truffle is that we can use the same scripts that we created when we deployed to a local blockchain with Truffle as when we are deploying to the Ropsten test network. The major difference will be how we call the Truffle scripts.

Another script that is available through Truffle is called truffle migrate. This combines the truffle compile and truffle deploy script into one.

Recall that to send the contracts to a local blockchain we had to have a local blockchain running and then you can run truffle migrate. This would compile the contracts and send them to the ganache-cli instance that we had running.

This time, to deploy our contracts to the Ropsten test network, we will have to add a flag to the Truffle scripts. This will allow us to use the ropsten configuration that we just added. Instead of running just truffle migrate, we will be running truffle migrate --network ropsten. The --network flag allows us to select the ropsten object we just added.

Let's try it out! Run truffle migrate --network ropsten. After running the script we'll see our contracts compile. After they compile (they may not compile because we didn't change anything in the contracts since the beginning of this chapter) the migrations will start.


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