How Should I Read This Book?

This book is meant to be read in a linear fashion — most chapters build on things we've learned in the previous ones. If you have experience with Solidity or Ethereum, I still recommend going through each chapter, even if you skim through them. There is a lot to learn, and there are insights for practitioners of all levels to be found throughout the book.

Most of the chapters will involve you writing the code as you read. I want you to learn as much as possible from this book, and the hands-on examples are crafted to be as effective as possible. Make sure you don't copy and paste the code examples — you might get through the book more quickly, but will be more likely to forget the exact commands.

Most of the chapters' code has a /draft folder, where you will work, and a /completed folder, which contains the final product. Feel free to reference the /completed folder if you get stuck or need an example.

Please note that all of the code in this book can be found in the /code/project/ folder and a zipped version of the code can be found in the file in the /code/ folder.

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