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Exposing our native module to javascript

We have now created all the native code to expose new functionality to our JavaScript code, so it should only be a matter of calling it, right? Well, yes...... but we are going to be a little smarter about it. Just because the native code has been created does not mean our code is type-safe by default - remember, the bridge simply serializes/deserializes everything into JSON.

So we are going to create a small wrapper for our native code, create a BuildingAppsNative.ts file inside of a new libs folder:

native module

Basically, React Native exposes our created module inside of the NativeModules. We are just going to provide a type-safe wrapper. Here you could also disable the methods if you have certain specific functionality that won't work on other platforms (iOS or android).

After we have created our wrapper we can use it. Since we are interested in saving our state, we are going to enhance our UI store a bit, so after importing our native module, we will add a couple of functions:


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