Building React Native Apps for Mac

In this course we will learn how to create modern macOS applications using react-native, take advantage of all the goodies react-native provides on the mac.


What You Will Learn

How to set up a scalable architecture for your application

How to integrate native macOS APIs

How to leverage native APIs with JavaScript

How to create great desktop native experiences

In this course we will explore react-native as a framework for building macOS applications. Unlike web based tools, react-native offers a lot of benefits when it comes to performance and the ability to leverage native functionality.

React-native is not without its difficulties and the jump to a desktop environment requires not only novel technical solutions but also a different way of dealing with APIs and UI patterns.

In 30 lessons we cover setting up a scalable application architecture, connecting with native macOS APIs and exploring some workarounds. The course comes with a lot of new techniques, code samples and detailed instructions to develop React Native apps that are truly equal to native alternatives.

Taught by Oscar Franco, who has worked in several companies as team lead and CTO, released a bunch of React Native apps and has contributed many of the newest latest techniques for react-native-macos.

Course Content

5 modules33 lessons4h 44m total


1 lesson 58s total

Welcome to building apps for mac

Welcome to building React Native apps for Mac


0:58 minutes

Getting started

4 lessons 15m total


Walking through the finalized app


1:25 minutes


2:36 minutes


11:18 minutes

Building bones of the application

8 lessons1h 29m total