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Welcome to building apps for mac

Welcome to building React Native apps for Mac

Welcome to newline's Building React Native apps for Mac course. We will learn how to build native macOS apps using React-Native-macOS, Typescript, MobX, Tailwind and a few other Swift and JavaScript libraries.

My name is Oscar and I'm the creator of this course. I'm a Software Engineer from Bolivia living in Germany. I have worked as a team lead for a bunch of companies. Over the years I have worked a lot with React Native on mobiles, but since Microsoft released their port of React Native for macOS I jumped on the bandwagon and created CI Demon. The framework is so new that I've had to develop some new ideas and techniques, and together with newline we decided it was a good idea to create a course for people interested in developing desktop apps for macOS.

CI Demon

CI Demon was my first react-native-macos app. It condenses all your CI information in the macOS status bar. It started as a native SwiftUI app, but developing an app with native technologies was slow and frustrating, switching to React Native not only allowed me to leverage all my experience with React, but to keep all the benefits of native technologies.

Is this course for you?#

This course is meant for React Native developers who want to start developing macOS apps, and also for native developers who want to start developing in React Native. This means we have to maintain a certain balance and cannot delve too deeply into any aspect without leaving either group behind.

Course summary#

The course is divided into four modules.

Module 1: Getting started#

We will take a high-level overview of React-Native-macOS: why you should choose it, its advantages and disadvantages, state of tooling and other high-level topics.

Module 2: Building the bones of our app#

Here we will start writing some code. We'll start with a greenfield React Native app and start adding the libraries we need to develop a fully-fledged app, from state management to UI theming. We will also look at a nice way to organize your files and modules, to set you up for developing a real app.


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