React Hooks 101 - Part 2: The useState Hook and State Management in Function Components

Here is the second tutorial in our 6 part YouTube series on React Hooks. We've already seen that React Hooks are arguably the biggest fundamental change to happen to React since its inception. Learning Hooks brings you up to speed with this important update to React. Now in this second tutorial, we will teach you the ins and outs of using the useState hook, the most commonly used React Hook, and thus, one of the most important ones you should know. You will see that state management using the useState hook is in many cases more straightforward than using class-based components. Function components have come a long way since React v0.14. Introduced as a simpler syntax for defining stateless, presentational components, function components can now handle state via the useState Hook. This means you can define any component, stateful or stateless, with functions, and you no longer have to deal with the verbose code that comes with classes. Using the useState hook, you can keep track of state changes as the user interacts with your functional components, much as you could do with class-based components. Your instructor for the tutorial is Paige Niedringhaus, who's a Staff Software Engineer at Blues Wireless, and an expert at React as well as related frontend technologies. Paige has a depth of experience in software development with large organizations, including at The Home Depot, where she spent 5 years in engineering. In this part 2/6 React Hooks tutorial, she covers: Mastering the contents of this free tutorial gets you ready to use the most commonly used React Hook and understand React code that uses it. Get started with the tutorial here. And watch for the continuation of the series, when we move into the other hooks you'll use most frequently on React projects. If you want to dive deeper into React and master the best practices for modernizing any React app, then check out Paige's full course: The newline Guide to Modernizing an Enterprise React App . This course covers it all: React Hooks, Design Systems, Testing, and best practices for modern React.

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