Fullstack React with TypeScript Masterclass is LIVE 🎉

The Fullstack React with TypeScript Masterclass is now live! 🎉   This Masterclass teaches you practical React and TypeScript for developing apps from idea to completion, along with all the important tools in the React ecosystem. It expands on the material taught in our comprehensive book,  Fullstack React with TypeScript , and gives you over 10 hours of video lessons taught by Maksim Ivanov. By the end of the first module, you'll already have created your environment for React with TypeScript, and you will have completed basic tasks with TypeScript. The subsequent modules then continue your journey through building multiple apps and learning techniques including: This masterclass was developed by Maksim Ivanov and Alex Bespoyasov and taught by Maksim. Maksim worked for leading game developer Mojang, where he helped develop front-end interfaces with React and TypeScript. He has continued his front-end work at Spotify, where he develops interfaces with React, TypeScript, and related tools.  Alex is a frontend developer and works with technology company 0+X where he consults on developing and maintaining applications with React and related tooling.  With their combined depth of expertise, Maksim and Alex will quickly get you up to speed on creating modern React and TypeScript apps that your users will love. You can read more details about the Masterclass over at the Fullstack React with TypeScript Masterclass page .

Thumbnail Image of Tutorial Fullstack React with TypeScript Masterclass is LIVE 🎉