The newline Guide to Modernizing an Enterprise React App is Now Live!🎉

Creating large, long-lived React apps, such as those required in large enterprises, poses unique challenges. Most developers lack the knowledge of how to build apps that scale gracefully and use the latest React techniques, such as React Hooks and React Testing Library, to modernize React apps in the enterprise. This course will help you master React development in the context of building for large enterprises. You will learn the latest React syntax, React Hooks, and more as you build an actual enterprise React app. You will learn: In  The newline Guide to Modernizing an Enterprise React App,  we teach you the various aspects of React development that ensure that apps vital to a company's success keep running. This is based on years of experience building and maintaining large-scale, complex, React apps in production, and will prepare you to do the same for any enterprise. By the end of the first module in the course, you'll already have started working with the sample enterprise React app, Hardware Handler, and preparing to modernize it using the latest React standards. The subsequent modules will teach you important React concepts and guide you in modernizing this React app, including: Paige Niedringhaus  is your instructor for this course. She's a Staff Software Engineer for the Internet Of Things startup, Blues Wireless, which has backing from leading investors, including Sequoia Capital and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Paige has a strong background in React and large-scale enterprise apps, having worked in software engineering for The Home Depot for 5 years. Now she teaches you everything you need to build beautiful apps with React in a way that can support the mission-critical demands of large enterprises. You can read more details about the course over at the Modernizing An Enterprise React App website  

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