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        Project setup for building a Vue.js resumeInteractive Vue.js Resume Builder

        How to setup a Vue.js project. Use create-vue to generate a new project. Learn about folder and file structure in Vue.js.


        Why you should learn Vue.jsInteractive Vue.js Resume Builder

        Get an overview about Vue.js and learn about why Vue is a progressive framework, the different APIs, and the virual DOM.


        Course introduction to "Build a Vue.js Resume"Interactive Vue.js Resume Builder

        Course introduction to "Build a Vue.js Resume". Prerequisites, course content, and a look at the final product.


        How to Add Vue Router to an Application30 Days of Vue

        With our application scaffold established in the last article, let's use Vue's official client-side routing library, **Vue Router**, to enable routing in our application.


        An Introdution to Routing in Vue with examples30 Days of Vue

        The majority of large-scale applications we tend to create will usually have multiple views be kept in different routes. Today, we'll discuss client-side routing and set up the starting point of the routing application we'll build.


        How to Add Vuex to a Vue Application for State Management30 Days of Vue

        With the knowledge of the Flux pattern and Vuex, let's integrate Vuex onto a Vue application to build on top of the things we've learned using a simple global store.


        How to Use Simple Global Store for Vue State Management30 Days of Vue

        Yesterday, we gathered an understanding of how a global EventBus can use its events interface to have isolated components communicate with one another. Today, we’ll see how a **Simple Global Store** can be a more useful approach to handling state management.


        How to Use Vue Custom Events and EventBus30 Days of Vue

        Today's session will be the first of a series of articles discussing different methods to managing application wide data. We'll begin by reintroducing **props** and **custom events** before taking a look at how a global **EventBus** can facilitate application wide communication.


        A Beginner's Guide to Vue CLI30 Days of Vue

        Today, we're going to discuss Vue's official development tool in helping build and scaffold Webpack bundled Vue applications rapidly.


        An Introduction to Vue Single File Components30 Days of Vue

        Today, we'll discuss one of Vue's most useful features in helping build large scale Vue applications - **Single File Components**.


        How to Use Vue Render Functions to Create Component Markup30 Days of Vue

        We took a look at the different types of component templates in yesterday's article. Today, we'll look to use a **render** function to create the markup of a component entirely with JavaScript.


        How to Declare the Template and Markup of a Vue Component30 Days of Vue

        Today, we'll be taking a look at some of the different ways we can declare the template/markup of a component.


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