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Pain Free Mocking with Jest

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Course Syllabus and Content

Pain Free Mocking with Jest teaches you how to effectively and painlessly test JavaScript applications with Jest. You'll start by learning how to write unit and integration tests as well as the 'How', 'What', and 'When' of Mocks, Stubs, and Spies. Then we'll move to more advanced technique and strategies you'll be using for the rest of your career, including how to have a hollistic approach to testing and how to automatically add your tests in the development lifecycle.

Module 1


6 Lessons 20 Minutes

Module 2

Getting started with mocking and unit testing

13 Lessons1 Hours 2 Minutes

Module 3

Getting started with integration testing

9 Lessons 37 Minutes

Module 4

Advanced mocking and integration testing

5 Lessons 18 Minutes

Module 5

Testing strategy

5 Lessons 14 Minutes

Module 6


1 Lesson 1 Minutes