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Complete Guide to Qwik

Harness Qwik Resumable Architecture for Lightning-Fast Startup Times

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Course Syllabus and Content

Module 1

Qwik in Action

1 Lesson

Module 2


7 Lessons

Module 3

Qwik, the framework built on top of closure-extraction

5 Lessons

Module 4

Getting started with Qwik

5 Lessons

Module 5

SEO and Core Web Vitals

6 Lessons

Module 6

Deploy Qwik in production

5 Lessons

Module 7

Style and render data with Qwik

5 Lessons

Module 8

Creating an e-commerce with Qwik and Supabase

5 Lessons

Module 9

Rendering products with Orama full text search

6 Lessons

Module 10

Adding cart and checkout process with Stripe

5 Lessons

Module 11

Adding tests to our Qwik application

6 Lessons

Module 12

Final thoughts

5 Lessons