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Blazing Fast Next.js with React Server Components

Design patterns to accelerate Next.js Apps with Static Rendering and Server Actions

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Course Syllabus and Content

The Blazing Fast Next.js with React Server Components course equips you with the skills needed to master Next.js Static Rendering, coupled with Server Actions but also client-side and dynamic rendering. From foundational concepts to practical implementation, you'll gain a deep understanding of how to leverage Next.js for optimal performance and dynamic content delivery.

Module 1

Introduction to the Course

4 Lessons 8 Minutes

Module 2

Static Pages with Dynamic data

3 Lessons 20 Minutes

Module 3

Up-To-Date Static Rendering

3 Lessons 22 Minutes

Module 4

Client-Server Relaying

2 Lessons 19 Minutes

Module 5

Partial Prerendering (PPR)

1 Lesson 9 Minutes

Module 6


1 Lesson 5 Minutes