Building Advanced Admin Reporting in React

In this course, we'll be using React Query Builder to create admin reports with complex filtering, bulk editing, data grids, charts, and maps.

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Jake Boone

Product Owner and Web Developer

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Course Overview

What you will learn
  • How to configure a query builder

  • How to create an API for reports

  • How to add data grids, charts, and maps

  • What problems query builders can solve

In this course we teach you how to create admin reports with React using a query builder. Admin reporting is a broad topic, and getting started can be overwhelming.

In five modules, we cover configuration of the query builder, setting up a server, displaying data in a grid, chart, and map, as well as some more advanced uses of the query builder. It's about three hours long and comes with code samples.

The course is taught by Jake Boone, who uses React Query Builder in real, mission-critical applications for a large engineering and construction firm.

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Course Syllabus and Content

Meet the Course Instructor

Jake Boone

Jake Boone

Product Owner and Web Developer

👋 Hi! I'm Jake. I'm a front-end web developer and product owner at a large engineering and construction firm working on mission-critical applications.

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Building Advanced Admin Reporting in React
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