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Create a Serverless Slackbot with AWS Lambda and Python

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You can download the complete example code by clicking here.


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Create a Serverless Slack Bot with AWS Lambda and Python

In true newline-fashion, we'll get *rolling* with a practical application right away. We're creating a fully functional, dice-rolling chat bot for Slack!


Configuring Your AWS Environment

2 lessons

AWS Environment Setup

There's no `AWS Lambda` without `AWS`. That means we'll need a few AWS resources created and configured on the AWS side of things to develop and effectively.


Configuring Our AWS Workspace

Here, we'll configure an `AWS Workspace` or `AWS EC2 Instance` as the development environment to use for developing for AWS Lambda.


Configuring Your Local Machine

3 lessons

Preparing your Local Development Environment For AWS Lambda and Python Development

We can comfortably develop for AWS Lambda with python on any modern Operating System


Installing Python 3 and Pyenv on MacOS, Windows, and Linux

We will be using the AWS Lambda runtime for the latest stable version of Python 3 - `python3.7`.


Configuring the AWS CLI

The easiest way to configure our local development with our credentials is to run the command `aws configure`