Static Site Generation with Next.js and TypeScript (Part VI) - Client-Side Rendering

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Disclaimer - Please read the fifth part of this blog post here before proceeding. It covers how to efficiently build a Next.js application with a single access token that can be used across all getStaticProps() and getStaticPath() functions. It also covers how to export a Next.js application to static HTML. If you just want to jump straight into this tutorial, then clone the project repository and install the dependencies.

  • The content requires up-to-date data. For example, the current score of a live sports event or unbooked appointment slots for a dentist's/doctor's office.

  • The content lives below-the-fold (only visible after scrolling down) and does not need to be crawled and indexed by search engines. For example, comments and reviews under a product listing.

  • The content requires the user to take some action before appearing. For example, a pop-up modal or search dropdown.

If all rendering happened on the client-side, then you end up with several problems. For example, suppose you build an application with Create React App. If you disable JavaSc