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Stop wasting your time learning React with incomplete and confusing tutorials

  • There are so many incorrect and confusing blog articles

    One tutorial says one thing and another says something completely different.

  • There are too many options

    There are fifty different boilerplates and a dozen different Flux implementations. Which one is best?

  • React is only the view layer?

    Then how are we supposed to write our models andcontrollers? Do we even have those anymore?

  • Googling only takes you so far...

    There aren't many good tutorials that show how everything works together.

  • Time is money

    And piecing together hundreds of blog posts isn't exactly fun.

  • React and all the crazy libraries update so often, how can anyone expect to keep up?

    With such an active community, there are so many updates it feels impossible to know about what's best and what's just noise.

  • How does it all fit together?

    React is a modular ecosystem but API docs often focus on one library and don't show the forest for the trees.

  • Still not hitting your deadlines?

    Learning a new framework can be fun, but we're spending all this time learning and we still have a job to do...

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React has many moving parts

  • Props

    Props are the "arguments" to your components

  • Event Handlers

    onClick specifies a function that we can call when an element is clicked

  • Nested Components

    Components can be used by other components. A React app is atree of nested components

  • Dynamic Attributes

    By mixing code and markup, we're able to easily change the view based on state

Coding Parts Image
React apps are made of components
JSX puts HTML in your JavaScript
Icons of React, GraphQL and Relay

React is an Ecosystem

  • React-proper is only the view-layer, but there is a lot to learn in order to make it work together.

  • GraphQL

    GraphQL is a powerful alternative to REST that lets client applications specify their own typed views.

  • Relay

    Relay is a new way of structuring client applications that co-locates data-fetching requirements and React components.

  • Routing

    React doesn't have built-in support for routing, but there is a popular library that plays nicely with others.

Ready To Master React?

What if you could master the entire framework in less time, with solid foundations , without beating your head against the wall? Imagine how quickly you can get all of your work done with the right tools and best practices .

Seriously, let's stop wasting time scouring Google, searching through incorrect blog posts and get everything you need to be productive in one, well-organized place, complete with both simple and complex examples to get your app up and running.

You'll learn what you need to know to work professionally and build solid, well-tested, optimized apps with ReactJS. This book is your definitive guide or your money back .

Matt Boys

Data Science at Facebook

“I've been wanting to dig into React for ages, but hadn't found an accessible route. I really enjoy this book's example-driven approach. Makes everything very easy to understand.”

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Tons of sample code

Screenshot of Slack-Like Chat React-Redux App
Screenshot of Time-Logging React App
Screenshot of Code for Slack-Like Chat React-Redux App

Lots of runnable code

When you get access to Fullstack React , you're not getting just a book, but access to live code examples. Every chapter in the book comes packed with a complete project that builds on the concepts of the chapter.

15 Chapters

Every chapter focuses on a different part of the ecosystem, but in the context of an app. So you'll see how everything fits together.

Complete Sample Apps

Several sample applications, ranging from simple to complex are included with every copy of the book.

Detailed explanations

We explain, in detail, nearly every concept in every chapter. By the end of the book, you'll understand React really well and feel comfortable writing your own apps.

Table of Contents

  • Writing Your First React App1
  • Build a real application 
  • Writing our first component 
  • Going further 
  • Thinking in React2
  • How to architect our applications 
  • Data-flow between components 
  • Handling component updates 
  • Server Communication3
  • Interacting with back-end servers 
  • Loading state from our server 
  • Handling CRUD from our server 
  • JSX and the Virtual DOM4
  • What is the VirtualDOM? 
  • Understanding the React model 
  • What is JSX? 
  • Advanced Components5
  • The React API and You 
  • Handling all the props 
  • Understanding state and optimizing our components 
  • Forms in React6
  • Events, buttons, and more 
  • Handling all sorts of inputs 
  • Remote and async persistence 
  • Using Webpack with create-react-app7
  • Rapid application bootstrapping 
  • Hot-reloading and auto-reloaded development experiences 
  • Customizing our build 
  • Unit Testing8
  • Unit testing with Jest 
  • Power-testing with enzyme 
  • Mocking async data 
  • Using Redux9
  • Intro to the flux design pattern 
  • Core redux workflow 
  • Hands-on Redux 
  • Intermediate Redux10
  • Advanced Redux 
  • Adding threading to our app 
  • Advanced Reducer Composition 
  • Container and Presentational Components in Redux11
  • Presentational and Container components 
  • Generating containers with redux 
  • Redux Action Creators 
  • Routing12
  • React Router v4 
  • Multipage applications through react-router 
  • Dynamically handling routes 
  • Authentication and multi-page applications 
  • Using GraphQL13
  • Why GraphQL 
  • Complex types 
  • Mutations and Subscriptions 
  • Writing a GraphQL Server14
  • Building your own GraphQL server 
  • Setting up the Database 
  • Authentication and authorization 
  • React Native15
  • What is React-Native 
  • Routing 
  • Web vs. Native 

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What People Are Saying...

I'm finding the book mind-blowingly informative. I learnt React through several tutorials all around the Web and finding up to date, trustworthy resources was a pain. Fullstack React is a concrete source of information. Its information is complete and it makes concepts look so damn easy.

James Muturi
Software Developer at Starcity

The course is great. Awesome consolidation of React learning materials that has made it super easy to learn.

Joshua Bitossi
Launch Engineer at Shopify Plus

Thank you for the great Fullstack React book. It's very straightforward and well-structured. I'm learning a lot!

Olga Isakova

Buying Fullstack React is one of the smartest decisions I made. You guys really explain things in details.

Otman Bouchari
Founder at RestauMagnet LLC

It's the best written tutorial on React I've come across until now, and I've searched a lot before buying Fullstack React. It helps a lot to have everything in one place and learn by getting your hands dirty.

Bogdan Pestritu
Software Engineer Web Platforms

I have to say, well done! This was the easiest framework learning experience I've ever had. It took me months to work effectively with Angular and within ~10 days I feel 100% confident I can build any React app I want from scratch.

Drew Tyler

Wow! Awesome material for starting to learn React. I'm switching from Angular and this book has been helping a lot to show my coworkers how easy learning React can be.

Alan Schlindvein

​With a heavy responsibility on my shoulders, I searched for the best book to help me learn React. I read over the content of every React book I could find. Your book has the richest content. Then I downloaded the first chapter and I said to myself, this book is THE one for me. Your explanations are simple and clear. You even show 7 steps to build an app from scratch, which is so valuable, to a beginner like me. I've read tons of programming books but never found one like yours.

Huy Bui
Student at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

As a beginner in React, the book helped me to understand some points that were still blurry for me about React and helped me build my first basic app. The code samples are really detailed. It was really awesome.

Fleury Butoyi
Web Developer at BlueSquare.org

Great book! I come from Flex, so seeing some of the same approach in JS is exciting. Thanks for Fullstack React.

Jeff Spicer
Sole Proprietor at JeTSpice Games

I've tried to learn React on my own so many times, and searching on Youtube and Google is really frustrating because nowhere does anyone paint the complete picture. I like that Fullstack React includes warnings and gotchas. I also really like the versioned approach. It gave me a good way to learn step-by-step, and isolate learning to one thing at a time.

William Young
Senior Software Engineer at Foursquare

The book is great. I am half-way through it now. The examples are well thought out and the explanation is clear without being too verbose.

Josh Painter
Full Stack Web Developer at Self Employed

It’s tough to learn React without a single cohesive resource; this book saved me a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent bouncing between StackOverflow threads. I also have the cover framed and displayed prominently in my apartment.

Shiva Kilaru
Senior Engineer at Slack

I have been enjoying reading this book so much. I couldn’t put it down this weekend. Nice Job.

Yongxue Yu
Senior Magento Expert at Green Wave Ingredients

I’d say it’s exactly what I was looking for. The way in which you went about planning and building it seemed to directly mirror a real world situation. Thanks.

Matt Welte
Software Engineer Associate at Lockheed Martin

The book is complete and didactic, and covers the subject from end to end. It was excellent.

Pedro Rodrigues
IT Support Analyst at ZF do Brasil

Fullstack React is the best book for learning React! I have gained a lot of knowledge and I can't wait to share it with others. I'm truly grateful to you guys.

Marline Khavele
Software Engineer at MOOHK AFRICA

BRILLIANT book! Absolutely loving the way it's written and put together and it's taken my limited knowledge of React and skyrocketed it!

Robert Kendal
Frontend Developer at Bytemark

Your book has all high-end topics, such as Flux, Express and most importantly GraphQL. Everything combined in this one source makes it easy to follow. Plus, the fact that you applied code examples with screencasts gives it another big advantage. There are tons of courses, but I was looking for something well-structured and combined for easier following and learning, which is why I chose Fullstack React.

Slava Tkachenko
Attendant at River Cree Resort

What will I learn?

  • A basic and advanced understanding of React components
  • An advanced, in-depth knowledge of how React works
  • How to interact with backend servers using APIs
  • A complete understanding of using Redux
  • How to build, validate, and populate interactive forms
  • How to use inline styles for perfect looking components
  • How to test React components
  • How to build and use isomorphic components
  • How to get control of your build process
  • A deep understanding of data-driven modeling with props and state
  • A deep understanding of Flux
  • How to use client-side routing for pages in your apps
  • How to write advanced components like auto-complete search, drag 'n drop, and infinite scroll
  • How to interact with REST, GraphQL, and Relay
  • Introductory knowledge of React Native
  • And much, much more
  • Download the first chapter and build your first React app
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Within 15 minutes of opening the first chapter you'll have your first React app up and running

Comprehensive topics

You'll learn core React concepts from building custom components, to implementing routing, managing application dataflow, unit testing, and beyond.

Best Practices

The book covers best practices for code organization, testing, and performance. We cover practical and real-world examples of how to piece-together applications.

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Book, source code, videos, and sample app

  • Professional-grade React ebook content
  • Completely DRM-free PDF, mobi, and epub formatted ebook
  • Learn React from the inside out
  • Learn the right way to build React apps
  • Build advanced React apps within minutes
  • Have the complete library available at your fingertips
  • The code for every sample in the book to get you going quickly
  • The complete code for the sample app
  • 2 hour long beginner React screencast
  • Team license for up to 10 team members
  • Immediate invoice billing service
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Buying now entitles you to free updates for one year!

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  • Professional-grade React ebook content for your whole team
  • Completely DRM-free PDF, mobi, and epub formatted ebook
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  • Your team will learn React from the inside out
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  • Have the complete library available for your team
  • The code for every sample in the book to get you going quickly
  • The complete code for the sample app
  • 2 hour long beginner React screencast
  • Team license for up to 10 team members
  • Immediate invoice billing service
  • Retail Price: $599
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Meet the Authors

We are the team behind ng-book and ng-book 2 and we've kept those books up to date by releasing over 50 updates over the last two years. We'll be continuing that trend by keeping Fullstack React up to date for a long time.

Anthony Accomazzo

Passionate about teaching, Anthony has coached many beginning programmers through their early stages. Before Fullstack React, he led the development of IFTTT's API platform.

Nate Murray

Nate is a full-stack developer and writes code for everything from deep-learning image recognition to mobile games for cats. Nate formerly worked at IFTTT and his background is in data mining and scaling web services.

Ari Lerner

Hi, I'm Ari. I'm the author of ng-book and I've been teaching Web Development for a long time. I like to speak at conferences and eat spicy food. I technically got paid while I traveled the country as a professional comedian, but have come to terms with the fact that I am not funny.

Clay Allsopp

Clay Allsopp builds products at Palantir using React, React Native, and GraphQL. He has worked on chart-topping mobile apps and authored RubyMotion: Beginning iOS Development with Ruby.

David Guttman

David organizes JS.LA, the premier JavaScript event in Los Angeles, and is the CTO of Interlincx, where he makes sure billions of requests find their home every month. He is the author of numerous open-source modules (including react-pivot) and has presented on a variety of topics at JSFest, JSConf, and other JavaScript events.

Tyler McGinnis

Tyler McGinnis is the creator of React.js Program. He's a Google Developer Expert and he organized React.js Utah and ReactWeek. Sometimes he rambles on JavaScript Air as a co-host and he also helps run React Newsletter and Front End Newsletter.

I'm wondering...

How long is the book?

The book has 15 chapters totaling 810+ pages, several sample apps totaling over 10,900+ lines of code (JavaScript/JSX, non-comment lines).

Is the book complete?

Yes! We're often updating and expanding the book as things change in the ecosystem.

Do I have to know JavaScript?

A little bit. We don't assume that you've used React before, and we do explain many JavaScript concepts. But this book assumes you have a little bit of background in JavaScript programming.

However, this book teaches React from the ground up and you can use it even if you've never used a web-framework before.

How long is the book and screencast?

The book text is about 810+ pages and content complete. The screencast is about 2 hours long.

Do we actually update the book?

Yes! We've already released 29+ updates to the book.

Can I read a sample for free?

Absolutely. You can download the first chapter here and get your first React app up in minutes.

How do I download the book and updates?

If you've purchased the book, you can download it from your Gumroad library

How up to date is the book?

The book was updated in January 2020 and covers React 16.12.0

What if I don't like it?

If you're unhappy with the book or content, just reach out to us and we'll give you a full refund. There's no risk.

Does the book support React Fiber?

Yes! React Fiber's changes are internal. Given what we know about React 16, we don't think you'll need to do anything special to upgrade from React 15.

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Our promise to you

We're committed to keeping Fullstack React the best resource for learning and using React.

We're independent authors and we survive by making the highest quality book on React as possible.

There's no risk: if you're not satisfied for any reason, send us an email and we'll give you a full refund.