Another thing that we need to do is add the generation of changelogs. How are we going to do that?

Simple, with commit messages! There is a tool named auto-changelog that does exactly what it says. We can quickly set it up now:

npm install -D auto-changelog

After it's installed, we need to configure it. In order to do that we need to change our package.json, adding these lines:

commitLimit removes the limit on maximum commits per release, and template tells the tool to use keepachangelog format which is a changelogs specification (read more about it here).

Why this exact format and why not default? The answer is because in the next publishing lesson, we will use a Github Action that will expect exactly this format.

Another thing we need to do is add a .npmrc file with a line to remove the default tag version prefix of v, like this:

This means we will get 0.0.1 rather than v0.0.1. This prevents our auto-changelog tool from generating changelog logs with v prefix, which will make them truly compatible withkeepachangelog format.

Good. The last change to our package.json will be in the scripts section.

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