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The importance of security

Getting to production#

Up to this point in the course, we've been learning the basics of how to create, configure, and deploy a serverless Django project using Zappa. As is often the case, when adding security to our deployment, things get more complex, so we've saved these details for the end. Some familiarity with how networking works in AWS will be necessary, so we'll cover those concepts here.

The goal of this lesson is to ensure both the AWS Lambda functions and the RDS database instances are protected from Internet access.

AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)#

Amazon provides the VPC service so that you can essentially create a private network in the cloud just for yourself. You can have multiple VPCs in your account. When creating an AWS account, Amazon automatically creates a default VPC for you.

The default VPC contains up to 65,536 private IP addresses that you can use. That's a lot. To use the network, we subdivide the VPC into smaller chunks called subnets. The subnets group your EC2 instances or Lambda functions. They are also a way to restrict access to many services like RDS.


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