Testing distributed systems is hard. There are lots of frameworks for doing this, but most are incredibly specialized, and often built for just testing one very specific distributed system. One of my favorite tools these days for testing web servers with integration tests is k6. It's a Typescript library which lets you do all sorts of load tests and HTTP client testing.

For our service though, I wanted a simple test that I could run locally. I first wrote it in Bash. But Bash is complicated, easy to make typos in, and hard to read if you do not know shell scripting languages. As such, following Julia Evans' fabulous article, I rewrote it in Go. Rewriting it even helped me find a bug in the code, as there was a small risk where the first set wouldn't work.

This is a pretty simple test. We use docker-compose (more on that in the next section) to spin up three copies of our code. We then send a few HTTP requests to all of the nodes to make sure they are distributing value changes.


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