First Chromatic run

Time to fill up our UI platform with our work to date!

At this point, you have an account at Chromatic, and it's aware of your component library repository. You've also just enabled the Chromatic step in CI. We are now ready to try it out, finally.

First publish#

As you've gone through the Chromatic setup process, it will have instructed you to publish your Storybook. To actually do that, you only need to run npx chromatic --project-token=YOUR_TOKEN. Do that now.

Do not add the chromatic command if asked to do so since this will expose your token in cleartext.

The output will look something like this:

Inside Chromatic, you should see a screen like this when it is done with your import:

Chromatic: Published first storybook

To detect any changes, we need to make an additional push with some changes.

Chromatic: Awaiting change

Okay, so Chromatic wants something to diff our base version with. No need to make a big thing of this, so I'll just edit the Demo component:

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