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Million Ether Homepage Summary

So there we have it - our Million Ether Homepage is now complete.

Here are some ideas for features you could add:

  1. You could add a URL to the pixel, so that the page could have clickable links
  2. You could improve on the performance by buying and selling blocks of pixels, instead of just one at a time.
  3. You could change this so that you take a fee each time a pixel changes hands.

At the moment, in order for anyone to actually view what’s in our MEP, they have to have access to our HTML and JavaScript, and be connected to a Web3 provider.

What could we do if we wanted to share this more broadly with the world?

One idea is we could host this page on a normal, centralized, server. We could even host a node ourselves which would periodically render the image and cache it. This way, it would be a lot faster for visitors.

Another idea would be to host our HTML/CSS on a distributed storage system like IPFS. We’ll discuss deploying apps this way in a future video.

You might also have noticed that we didn’t write any tests, and we didn’t use any frameworks in our code nor build tools other than Remix. We’ll cover those ideas in future videos too.

For now, what we have is a working, Million Ether Page. By now, you have a solid understanding of the basics of smart contracts on Ethereum, and we’re ready to move into more advanced topics.