Fullstack Svelte

In this course, we'll be creating a full stack SaaS application with Svelte, Express and PostgreSQL


What You Will Learn

Svelte reactivity concepts

Two-way binding and event handling

Express REST API endpoints

Persistence with a relational PostgreSQL database

Frontend create, read, update and delete operations

How to integrate Auth0 for JWT authentication

This course teaches all the major concepts you need to build a production ready SaaS application by step by step building a fully functional application. The course is divided into two main parts - the frontend, which uses Svelte to build an interactive, rich user interface and the backend, which uses Express and PostgreSQL to build a server that handles data management.

Svelte is an exciting new frontend UI framework that offers a very developer friendly workflow and easy to learn syntax. Express and PostgreSQL are tried-and-true technologies that provide a rock solid backend.

Across about 7 hours of video instruction with full source code, this course covers everything from setting up your development environment to securing your application with a multi-tenant architecture and ultimately deploying the application to production.

Course Content

10 modules29 lessons7h 29m total


1 lesson 5m total

Fullstack Svelte Course Overview

Fullstack Svelte Course Overview


5:23 minutes

Setting Up A Development Environment

3 lessons 20m total

Development Environment Setup

Setting up your local development environment


4:12 minutes

Initializing a Svelte Project

Initializing a Svelte Project


7:04 minutes

Setting up a Formatter and Linter

Setting up a Formatter and Linter