Fullstack Svelte

In this course, we'll be creating a full stack SaaS application with Svelte, Express and PostgreSQL

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7h 29m29 Video Lessons

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Technologies Covered

What You Will Learn

Svelte reactivity concepts

Two-way binding and event handling

Express REST API endpoints

Persistence with a relational PostgreSQL database

Frontend create, read, update and delete operations

How to integrate Auth0 for JWT authentication

This course teaches all the major concepts you need to build a production ready SaaS application by step by step building a fully functional application. The course is divided into two main parts - the frontend, which uses Svelte to build an interactive, rich user interface and the backend, which uses Express and PostgreSQL to build a server that handles data management.

Svelte is an exciting new frontend UI framework that offers a very developer friendly workflow and easy to learn syntax. Express and PostgreSQL are tried-and-true technologies that provide a rock solid backend.

Across about 7 hours of video instruction with full source code, this course covers everything from setting up your development environment to securing your application with a multi-tenant architecture and ultimately deploying the application to production.

Course Content

10 modules29 lessons7h 29m total


1 lesson 5m total

Fullstack Svelte Course Overview

Fullstack Svelte Course Overview


5:23 minutes

Setting Up A Development Environment

3 lessons 20m total

Development Environment Setup

Setting up your local development environment


4:12 minutes

Initializing a Svelte Project

Initializing a Svelte Project


7:04 minutes

Setting up a Formatter and Linter

Setting up a Formatter and Linter


9:25 minutes

Front End Routing

2 lessons 31m total

Single Page Application Routers

Setting up a Single Page Application Router


20:16 minutes

Front End Layouts

Creating a Front End Layout for Admin Pages


11:36 minutes

User Interface Styles and Interactions

3 lessons 26m total

Front End Component Libraries

Adopting a Frontend Component Library


6:15 minutes

Creating a Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page


6:38 minutes

Events and Input Bindings

Using Svelte to handle DOM events and bind inputs


13:47 minutes

Creating the Backend Application

3 lessons 41m total

Initializing an Express Project

Initializing an Express Node.js Project


16:48 minutes

REST API Endpoints

REST API Endpoints


10:52 minutes

School Lunch Data Model

School Lunch Data Model


13:47 minutes

Fetching Data in the Frontend

4 lessons 37m total

Fetching Data with Axios

Fetching Data from the Frontend with Axios


14:34 minutes

Svelte Each Blocks

Using Svelte Each Blocks to Iterate a List


10:59 minutes

Showing Loading Spinner Icons

Using Svelte to Show and Hide Loading Spinner Icons


6:36 minutes

Externalizing Frontend Configuration

Externalizing Frontend Configuration


5:31 minutes

Adding Persistence with PostgreSQL

4 lessons 57m total

Installing PostgreSQL and Initial Setup

Installing PostgreSQL and Initial Setup


7:18 minutes

Knex Migrations

Knex.js Migrations


12:37 minutes

Using Knex with Express

Using Knex with an Express Application


15:32 minutes

Adding Post, Put and Delete Endpoints

Adding Post, Put and Delete Endpoints to the Backend


21:57 minutes

Creating, Updating and Deleting Data in the Frontend

3 lessons1h 1m total

Deleting Data with the Front End

Deleting Data with the Frontend


22:32 minutes

Creating Data with the Front End

Creating Data with the Frontend


9:45 minutes

The Lunch Week Details Component

The Lunch Week Details Component


28:42 minutes

Securing the Application

3 lessons1h 48m total

JWT Based Security

Securing the application with JSON Web Tokens


37:19 minutes

Evolving the App to Multi Tenant

Evolving the App to a Multi Tenant Architecture


35:05 minutes

User Registration

User Registration


36:25 minutes

Public Lunch Menu View

1 lesson 20m total

Public Lunch Week Page

Adding a Public Lunch Week Page


20:35 minutes

Production Deployment

2 lessons 37m total

Building and Serving Svelte

Building and Serving a Svelte App


13:35 minutes

Production Deployment

Production Deployment


23:56 minutes

Your Instructors

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I am a full-stack software developer and author of the Newline Full Stack Svelte course.

👋 Hi! I'm Blair Googer and I'm a full stack developer and I'm grateful to have you along for this course. I've been building web application for about 15 years across numerous technologies and lately I'm most exited about JavaScript!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to build full stack web applications.

Is this course hard?

We do cover a lot of concepts in this course, but we are here to help you if you get stuck. Some familiarity with any of the following technologies will help you go faster: JavaScript, HTML, REST APIs and SQL.

What if I need help?

You can ask us questions anytime through the community Discord channel or by sending us a message.

Does the course use Sapper as a Svelte framework?

No, the course does not use Sapper. We decided to keep it less opinionated and use "vanilla" Svelte.


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Fullstack Svelte: Build a Svelte app with Node.js, Express, and Postgresql