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Creating register & reset password screens

Creating register & reset password screens

In this lesson we are going to add the register and reset password screens to our app.

Register screen#

Let's start with the register screen:


At this point we have every component that we need to create this screen.

We can duplicate the LoginScreen.js file and change the name of the exported screen to RegisterScreen. We also need to change the file name to RegisterScreen.js.

Let's change the text in <Header/> to Create Account and the text in <Button/> to Sign up. We also need to change the onLoginPressed function to onSignUpPressed.

Now we can export our screen in index.js file and add it to our Stack. After this is done, we can run our app.

Right now the Sign up button does nothing because we didn't add the onPress method to it. Let's fix that - we can copy the onPress method from our <Login/> button and change the destination screen to RegisterScreen.


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