Creating a Basic Hello-World Lambda from SAM Cookiecutter Template

Creating A Basic Hello-World Lambda from SAM Cookiecutter Template#

From the chap1 project directory, we will clone a sample project that AWS provides for Python and SAM.

From that same directory, we will use sam init --location cookiecutter-aws-sam-python to create our dicebot lambda directory. We will be prompted for certain parameters after sending this command, so fill them in according to the example shown below.

We should now see a directory called dice_bot created within our chap1 directory. This dice_bot directory will contain all of the important code for this project. So go ahead and navigate into that directory and init a git project there, as shown below.

If we have VSCode installed, we can use the command code . to open VSCode with the explorer already pointing to this directory.

Poke around the directory structure a bit to see the basic scaffolding created by cookiecutter. We won't need to touch most of these files yet, but there are a few essential files we need to review, and modify.

The main files we will be concerned with are:

  • - Always write useful instructions into the file. In VSCode, we this file and do Ctrl+Shift+V to preview it.

  • template.yaml - This is a SAM infrastructure template that defines resources being deployed to AWS

  • first_function/ - Python application code that AWS Lambda will execute

  • events/first_function.json - Sample event that will be used when testing the Lambda locally. This will simulate the slack slash command.

Update the SAM template#

The SAM template.yaml file provided by AWS is almost ready to use as-is. It has defined a generic lambda resource and an API Gateway that we can use with slack. We need to just make a few minor tweaks to make it ready to go.

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