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Server setup, part 1

Beginning the process of setting up a server to host the API

Server setup (part 1)#

If your application is still running on http://localhost:3000, you can go to the terminal and cancel the execution by pressing Ctrl+C. We'll no longer need the development server after this lesson.

Creating a server#

To create a server that will host our application, we'll use Heroku since they have a free tier and it's easy to set up. You'll need to install the Heroku Command Line Interface and log in with your Heroku credentials.

First, cd up one level to the root myapp directory. Then run heroku create.

Next, provision a PostgreSQL database with the following command.

Next, create a file called Procfile with the following command.

To ignore the node_modules folder and our environment variables, create a file called .gitignore in the root myapp directory with the following contents.

Now create a package.json file using npm. Accept the defaults automatically by using the -y flag.


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