The last stretch! We will create our final namespace, Crumb, and connect it to our other models and our router

A Crumb works in a different way than the duck and quack namespace. A Crumb in itself cannot exist without the two other namespaces, and works as amany-to-many connection between the two.

Crumb model#

The Crumb interface is slightly different than the previous two:

As both columns are foreign keys, we will use the type reference to keep track of the properties.

Crumb service#

With the interface out of the way, we can move on to the service:

In our application we only need a toggle to create or remove the connection between a Duck and a Quack. The data object should contain the Duck and Quack IDs, as well as boolean connection. As we don't care about the output, we don't have to return any data.


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