Paige Niedringhaus Teaches You React Hooks In All New 6 Part Series

We have a special 6-part YouTube tutorial series to share with you today that demystifies React Hooks and shows you how to build your apps with them. Hooks are so key to understand because, conceptually, React components have always been closer to functions.

This will be the first of 6 lessons in this series, so follow along with the series to learn React Hooks from start to finish.

Paige is a Staff Software Engineer at Blues Wireless and the teacher of newline's course: The newline Guide to Modernizing an Enterprise React App. Before her current work, she spent 5 years as a software engineer at The Home Depot, which gave her a thorough understanding of software development at scale, in large organizations.

These are some of the same insights you will learn over the course of this 6-part series on React Hooks, including:

  • why React Hooks make our code more maintainable

  • the most commonly used React Hooks and how to use them effectively

  • advantages and drawbacks of React Hooks

  • the useState hook

  • the useEffect hook

  • the useRef hook

  • the useContext hook

In addition to the above, we'll also go into Custom Hooks and how to write your own, increasing the range of functionality you can implement using Hooks in your apps.

We hope this series opens up your understanding of React Hooks and turns you into a virtual Hooks expert.

Get started with the first tutorial in the series here.